Lincoln’s Legends New Season Starting July 6th… Inside Dumb Records?

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.45.09 PM.png

We are all about the twists here at Black Sheep and Dumb Headquarters. We are also about friends and other people doing things and making stuff happen in this beautiful city of Springfield. We have been supportive of Lincoln’s Legends Podcast and Jeremie Bailey and the effort he has put in to seek out and highlight creative minds in our town. Just recently Jeremie and Lincoln’s Legends announced plans for a second season to kick off in just one week… and it’s happening inside Dumb Records! That’s right, Lincoln’s Legends has picked Dumb Records as a new stomping grounds for a new season starting this summer. The Springfield-based podcast will continue with interviews highlighting people doing creative things in our town, and this time the interviews will be conducted on our own couch. Check out the very interesting trailer on the player below to see how this new season is starting off:

Check out the newly created Lincoln’s Legends website right here.

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