Photos: Black Sheep 10-Year Anniversary Show


We could not have asked for a better celebration of the Black Sheep 10-year anniversary last weekend on the 18th! Thank you to all who came out and to all of the bands that played. The lineup for the show was Looming, Our Lady, Soap Scum, Unicon Communications, and a surprise band that we’ll call the “10-Year Super Ska Band” ended up playing, doing covers of many different ska bands from Black Sheep’s 10 year history.

Today we have photos from that show. We would like to thank photographers Heiu Luu, AJ Francis, and Miles Fowler. You can check out a handful of those photos above and below, or head over to our Black Sheep 10-Year Anniversary Album on flickr for hundreds more. Also check out our vids/pics page for groups of photos from other big events of the past.

21545877050_ad955e60f3_k 21112640333_1224bf9316_b 21733681815_bc9f176483_b 21545714630_c2ae2c558d_b 21112679853_df9eef519d_b 21733684665_740511452f_b 21545692240_d46fffa705_b

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