Boof City “Boof-Day Bash” Tonight at Skank Skates


Looks like there will be no show at Black Sheep tonight, but we all sure had a great time at the show last night, and tonight there will be something special going on at our neighbors at Skank Skates! Boof City will be hosting a “Boof-Day Bash” on the ramp, meaning it is the anniversary of the South Town Skate Shop, located at 1107 1/2 South Grand East Right above Dumb Records. What is exctaly will be going on the ramp tonight? From the Boof City facebook:

This contest will be epic. Prizes for best trick (flat ground and ramp) I have some new company’s that I am working with to help promote this. So you know we are gonna get buck gnar. If you come on out. $5 to skate and $10 to get into the contest. if you need any more info concontact Colin Eigenmann.

The big bash kicks off at 4:00 pm tonight. It is $5 to skate, and $10 to enter the contest. Check out a facebook event right here. Also check out our shows page to keep an eye on other upcoming South Town events.

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