DUMB FEST 3 at Black Sheep, Skank Skates, Dumb Records, and South Town Studio on June 12th and 13th


The past two summers in Southtown have featured the multi-band punk music festival extravaganza – DUMB FEST. Dumb Fest 1 happened two days in June in 2013 and featured 25 bands, and last year’s Dumb Fest also happened over the course of two days and featured a grand total of 46 bands. Tonight we are announcing that Dumb Fest 3 (or 3-D) is definitely happening, and it will take place Friday and Saturday June 12th and 13th. No bands are being announced at this point (you can expect those announcements to come around the month of March), but now you have the dates so you can start planning summer vacations and plane flights accordingly!

Dumb Fest 3 will be happening at The Black Sheep Cafe, Skank Skates, Dumb Records, and also South Town Studio (that’s four locations, wow)! You can also expect ticket pre-orders to pop up in March after most of the lineup has been announced. Stay on track with everything Dumb Fest related by following our Dumb Fest page. There is also now a new Dumb Fest facebook page that you can now follow. For photos of last year’s Dumb Fest, go here.

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