SJR: Springfield Teens Start “The Venue” To Spread Music, Culture


Last week Springfield newspaper The State Journal Register published an article about a group of teens putting on shows under a name called “The Venue by Oakwood” here in town. From the article:

Tristan Tarpley, a senior at Calvary Academy, and Elijah Settles, a senior at Springfield High School, started meeting at Wm. Van’s Coffee House on Seventh Street to discuss their ideas about local music and ways to promote it. What originally started as an idea for a collaborative music app eventually turned into a local music scene called The Venue by Oakwood.

“The Venue is a hub for talent, a hub for creativity in Springfield,” Tristan said.

Check out the full article online right here. You can also view a video put together by “The Venue by Oakwood” below. The article peaked our interest since a lot of what is being discussed in the article lines up with a lot of the goals of The Black Sheep Cafe and Southtown. We also find a lot of similarities with this and Springfield house venue The Radon Lounge. There was another show put on by The Venue by Oakwook that happened this weekend at a house. The show featured Rapper Nubia Fokum, singer Alyssa Jackson, and the band Might be Mavericks. We plan on keeping you all updated on any future shows being put on by “The Venue by Oakwood” and you can always check our Springfield shows page for a listing of shows in town going on outside of Black Sheep.

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