DUMB FEST 2 Announcement #1

dumbfestbanner1Today we have a big dumb fest announcement all of you kids, punks, freaks, burgers, and mutants. It’s the first ten bands that we are announcing for Dumb Fest 2, which will be happening on June 13th and 14th this year at Black Sheep, Skank Skates, and Dumb Records. The purpose of this fest is to highlight punk and hardcore DIY music happening in Central Illinois and the surrounding areas right now. We also want to highlight all of the cool things happening in Southtown this year. Ready for those bands? Here they are:

LIPSTICK HOMICIDE from Coralville, Iowa

SHAVED WOMEN from St. Louis

CHUD from Bloomington, Indiana

LOOMING from Springfield

WOLF LUV from Champaign

DISTRACT from Chicago

COMA REGALIA from Lafayette, Indiana


LIFE LIKE from St. Louis

ASTHMA from Springfield

Wow very cool. Are those all of the bands that are going to be playing Dumb Fest 2? Oh no no no no no no. Expect about three more announcements throughout the month of March here on this site. Ticket info and set times will be announced later on. Check out a facebook event for Dumb Fest 2 right here. Also follow everything going on with Dumb Fest 2 on our Dumb Fest 2 page.

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