Empire Board Shop Moving To South Town

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 9.52.03 AM

Next month 11th and South Grand will be the hub even more cool things in Springfield. Empire Board Shop is going to be moving into the space right above Dumb Records. Yeah, thats right. Everything you love will be in one block. They are currently located on Junction Circle by the intersections of Wabash and MacArthur but in a couple of weeks they will be at 1107 South Grand Ave. Owner, Cory Yeager had initially wanted to be right by Skanks Skates, Dumb Records and the Black Sheep and South Town Studio.

“Our location now is not bad but there isn’t a lot of visibility and being by everyone else clearly helps everyone out,” Cory said. “When I was younger everything was spread out but over the past ten years or so it’s morphed into it’s own subculture and I just want to support that.”

With the move to the new Southtown punk hub there were a few things to think about. Mainly how a skate shop would interact with Skanks ramps.

“Skanks and [Empire] are two separate entities it just happened that they have ramps and we sell boards. So I think it will be mutually beneficial [to be so close] ,” Cory said. “And I will probably get to skate more. I may put a sign on the door saying, ‘Come to the Ramps’.”

While Empire had a grand opening just last November they should be open at their new location by mid-to-late March. Cory wants to  reassure everyone that he will still be selling everything you would go to them for regularly. He doesn’t want anyone to have to leave Southtown just to come back and skate.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 9.52.55 AM

You can stay updated with Empire Board Shop’s big move on their facebook page. We will also be sure to make another post once the new shop is up and running and once the shops running hours are made public.

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