Black Sheep has a Wikipedia Page!


Wikipedia has a Black Sheep page now! The page was made on September 20th by Austin Duffie, as he thought it would be a good idea for The Black Sheep to have one. The page has since then undergone a few revisions, and is looking pretty well. There have been plans to take a picture in front of The Black Sheep for the Wikipedia page soon also. It would be pretty rad if we had some people to help edit it and create some more content, as with more content comes a better page! The page will definitely draw some more attention to the venue, and now there will be a totally non-subjective source with info on The Black Sheep! It’s a pretty big step for a place to get a Wikipedia page, as Wikipedia is strict about how notable a place must be for a page. That means Black Sheep has some stuff to show off! For more info on editing and how to contribute feel free to contact Austin!
The DIY Encyclopedia: Wikipedia
The most rad DIY venue: Black Sheep
The two together: Pure Awesome.

The Page: Click Here!

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