Viele’s Planet Reunion on 4/20 at Capital City Bar & Grill

483791_525456617494592_353923047_nIt is not too often that a musical event going on in Springfield sells out before we even have the chance to announce it! Either way, we feel it is important to mention that there will be a reunion show for Springfield bar and music venue Viele’s Planet at Capital City Bar and Grill on Saturday April 20th this year. The show is not taking place at Viele’s Planet, but bands that frequently played the old venue will be playing the show and some will also be reuniting for this one show. Viele’s Planet was important to the all ages scene at one point because they had all ages shows on Sundays. Bands playing the reunion show include Taxi War Dance, Lidlifter, Grim, UAT, Prone, Petcock, Midnight Dreary, Clone, Stronger Than Seven, and Swirl!

For the 500 of you that were lucky enough to buy tickets before they sold out, the show will begin at 3:00 pm. The show is also ages 21 and over. You can find a facebook event here. Also be sure to check out what other shows are coming up in Springfield over at our Springfield shows page!

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