Jeff Williams of NIL8 featured in Illinois Times

A lot of you may have noticed that Jeff Williams of the long running Springfield punk band NIL8 was featured on the cover of last week’s issue of The Illinois Times.  If you missed the article or didn’t get to pick up an issue last week, the article is still available online.  The well written and lengthy article talks about NIL8’s journey as a band as well as Jeff’s hobbies of bicycling and painting.  From The Illinois Times:

Rock musician. Fine artist. Cycling champion. If lifelong Springfield resident Jeff Williams does not qualify as a genuine renaissance man, he’ll have to do until one comes along. In addition, these disparate areas of interest have built on each other throughout a 30-year career, in often unexpected ways. Williams and his band, NIL8, have come into contact with an extended parade of leading national and international alternative music acts. More recently, a crossover between a love of both bicycling and painting uncovered an undreamed-of niche market, landing his canvases in numerous galleries as well as on the cover of a national magazine.

You can find the rest of the article here.  If you are at least 21 years of age you can also see NIL8 perform later tonight at Bar None on 5th and Monroe.  If you are under 21 or any age at all and can’t make it to see NIL8 tonight then keep a close eye out on the site for big news involving an upcoming all ages NIL8 performance later this fall.


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