Sweet Bippy


years active: 2016 – present

If you’ve hit the alternative/indie scene anywhere in underground Central Illinois, chances are we’re the ones who got you to jump up and down and shake your bippy. We’re a high energy spastic rock band, and that’s our job whether we’re working your college house party or private party, or an outside festival or music venue. Give us a try and you’ll leave wondering how we throw it down like that every night. Some people call us proto/punk, post/punk, funk/fuzz, no wave, or death pop–spastic, high energy, noisy, and you can dance to it!

Nathan – drums
Ted – electric tenor ukulele [a modified, dual output, sub-octave, transducer version]

Cosmic Filth (When I Fell) (2016)

related projects:
The Black Ops
Green Messiah
The Nine Elevens
Purple Stardust

links: website | facebook | soundcloud | youtube | bandcamp

contact: tedkeylon@gmail.com