Good Times & Company


years active: 2012 – present

From humble beginnings busking in the streets of St. Louis, Clint Kesinger has become a paramount character in the Midwestern music scene. His love of guitar, songwriting, and live performance has driven him to become an independent, honest voice of the common man. Composing catchy riffs paired with direct, relatable lyrics, he crafts songs that are uniquely memorable. Clint Kesinger has taken this passion and talent to a new height by joining forces with Shad Baldes and Kyle Wells to create Good Times & Company. The trio performs a variety of songs spanning many genres, influenced by both the classics and new artists. The current setlist for the band reflects the daily songwriting from Clint Kesinger, over the course of nearly three years, which has been deliberately designed for Good Times & Company. This obsessive attention to detail and dedication to the art of his music can be seen in the seamless way every instrument flows together with his voice.

Though the songs stand alone as fantastic creations, the true genius of the music of Good Times & Company can only be seen as the trio performs live. The dream to take their talents onstage is one that long time friends Clint and his bassist, Shad have had in mind, together for nearly a decade. With the addition of Kyle Wells on drums, their dream has become a reality. The energy and pure joy that the band has when performing for a live audience is something to be experienced! The emotion created from the connection between crowd and musician is an incredibly powerful thing, and it is an aspect that Good Times & Company is very aware of, urging their fans to join in their musical journey. Clint has created a bright light in a dark musical realm of button pushing DJ’s and twerking lip-syncers, where musicianship, chemistry, and friendship collide, and it’s something that has to be seen to be truly understood.

Clint Kesinger – Guitar/Vocals
Shad Baldes – Bass
Kyle Wells – Drums

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