years active: 2012 – present

Pedigree isn’t everything, but for what it is worth, EPSOM has pedigree for miles. The consummate drum stylings of Tim “Grumpy” Harte (Hocus Pocus, Blue Steel, The Aqua Velvets, Dad’s Big Weekend, Tom Irwin & the Raouligans) have been in regional demand since his teens, and may have reached their creative zenith –so far– during his time in BACKWARDS DAY. Now, for the first time since that band’s shameful demise, EPSOM finds Harte rejoining forces with spasmodically verbose ex-BD frontman/lyricist Scott Faingold, whose negative stage charisma is the rock music equivalent of a celestial white dwarf. Or a pretty nasty train wreck, anyway. Kristopher Zander may have made a lifelong career of hiding his proverbial light under an equally proverbial bushel-basket, but those days are over, as he adds equal measures of color, tone, rhythm and charisma to the roiling, indigestible stew that is EPSOM. And lastly but not leastly, Steven Sgro’s swirling, stomping guitar riffs with BUTTGRAVY continue to echo down through rock history and now leads EPSOM to constantly ascend thrilling new peaks of both mind- and string-bending.

Kristopher Zander – guitar/voice
Steven Sgro – guitar/voice
Jason Perry – bass
Timothy M. “Grumpy” Harte – drums
Scott Faingold – voice

related projects:
The Aqua Velvets
Backwards Day
Blue Steel
Dad’s Big Weekend
Flawless Ketchup
Hocus Pocus
POP 1280
Tom Irwin & The Raouligans

links: facebook | bandcamp

contact: scottfaingold@gmail.com

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