Are you looking to set up a show at Black Sheep? We are open to nearly anyone setting up shows here, and it’s pretty easy to do so!

Setting up shows: Anyone who wants to is welcome to set up a show at Black Sheep. If you are interested in setting up a show email us at We will be able to tell you about what dates we have open and work something out from there.

Touring bands: Touring bands looking for a show can email our booking email at If you are an out of town band looking to set up a show here and we are slow to getting back to you, one thing that you can do head over to our bands page and contact bands that you feel you would fit on a show with. A lot of times local bands will be willing to help out with setting up shows.

3 thoughts on “Booking

  1. I have some important information to let the owner of Black Sheep know about, that I’d like to share with him or her. It pertains to things that are taking place at your place of business. You can contact me @ 217-381-4158. My name is Brian. I think it would be of best interest if you contacted me. I can share more details when I hear from you.

  2. I need someone to call me ASAP about a gig possibly or not booked through a guy named Keith wampler. I have a feeling I’m being scammed and trying to follow up

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