The Dumb Records Radio Show (used to air) 4:00-6:00 pm Every Friday on 88.3 FM WQNA from 2014-2019. R.I.P.


Dumb Records Radio Show (WQNA 88.3 FM)

Airing from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Fridays
Not in Springfield or near a radio? Stream live here.


#1: 1-11-19 Best of Springfield Music 2018
#2: 1-18-19 with Ken No

#1: 1-4-13 featuring Kevin Bradford, Cory VanMeter, Brian Galecki

#2: 1-11-13 featuring Jess Knight and Tim Williams (Our Lady)
#3: 1-18-13 featuring Brandon Carnes and Kevin Bradford
#4: 1-25-13 featuring Chuck Metz and Gary Swaggerty III (Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi)
#5: 2-1-13 featuring Kevin Bradford and Mildred
#6: 2-8-13 featuring Brandon Judd and Scott Blacula
#7: 2-15-13 featuring Up In Arms and Dylan MacIntosh (Dog Years Records)
#8: 2-22-13 featuring Battalion and Soap Scum 
#9: 3-1-13 featuring Nephrons
#10: 3-8-13 featuring Hospital Job
#11: 3-15-13 featuring Benny Dewitt (Mother Leopard) and boon
#12: 3-22-13 featuring Anthony Bollero (Some Things Can’t Be Ignored)
#14: 4-5-13 featuring Jodi of Rock N’ Roll Armageddon 
#15: 4-12-13 featuring Lovecow and Drum Fest 2013
#16: 4-19-13 featuring Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi and RDNT
#17: 4-26-13 featuring Jeff Black (Radon Lounge) and Paqui
#18: 5-3-13 featuring Josh Catalano
#19: 5-10-13 featuring Kyle Ratliff (Our Lady) and Montagh
#20: 5-17-13 featuring Ladd Mitchell (Park) and Kirk Donely
#21: 5-24-13 featuring Kickstart and Yogi Beara
#22: 5-31-13
#23: 6-7-13 featuring Brian Galecki and Kevin Bradford (Dumb Fest)
#24: 6-14-13 featuring Heavy Arms
#25: 6-21-13 featuring Christopher Sommer (Gutterpriest, Execution Techniques)
#26: 6-28-13 featuring Apryl Lowe
#27: 7-5-13 featuring Jeremie Bailey of Bandemonium
#28: 7-12-13
#29: 7-19-13
#30: 7-26-13 featuring Chris Gunga
#31: 8-2-13 featuring Josh Catalano and The Seething Coast
#32: 8-9-13 featuring George Sinclair
#33: 8-16-13
#34: 8-23-13 featuring Cooshit
#35: 8-30-13 featuring Hometown Heavyweights
#36: 9-13-13 featuring Satan
#37: 9-20-13 featuring Built In A Day
#38: 9-27-13 featuring Tim and Molly of Our Lady
#39: 10-4-13 featuring Tom Irwin
#40: 10-11-13 featuring Negative 17
#41: 10-18-13
#42: 10-25-13 featuring Damon Soper of NIL8
#43: 11-1-13
#44: 11-7-13
#45: 11-15-13 featuring Colin Eigenmann of Skank Skates
#46: 11-22-13 featuring Brian and Kevin of Dumb Records
#47: 11-29-13 featuring Cory Yeager of Empire Board Shop
#48: 12-6-13 featuring Alistair and Steve of War Magic
#52: 1-3-14 Best of 2013 featuring Asswolf
#56: 1-31-14 featuring Adam Davis
#58: 2-14-14 featuring Aporia and Bo Mellado
#60: 2-28-14 featuring Mike Tirehaus
#61: 3-7-14 featuring JAG
#62: 3-14-14
#63: 3-21-14 featuring Epsom and The Luzhin Defense
#64: 3-28-14
#66: 4-11-14 featuring The Timmys
#67: 4-18-14 featuring Blind Social and Itto
#81: 7-25-14 featuring Knives
#85: 8-22-14
#86: 8-29-14
#87: 9-4-14
#88: 9-11-14
#89: 9-19-14
#90: 9-26-14
#91: 10-3-14 featuring MPress
#92: 10-10-14 
#93: 10-17-14 featuring The Good Companions
#95: 10-31-14 featuring Boof City Skate Shop
#96: 11-7-14
#97: 11-14-14 featuring Inner Outlines
#98: 11-21-14
#100: 12-5-14 featuring Kevin Bradford and Mike Tirehaus
#102: 12-19-14 featuring Vincent-Tennell
#109: 2-6-15 featuring Jeremie Bailey
#114: 3-13-15 featuring Evan Mitchell (One Man Band Bonanza)
#128: 6-19-15 featuring C.C.T.V / OOZE @ Dumb Fest 3-D live recording
#141: 9-18-15 Black Sheep 10-Year Anniversary edition featuring Kevin Bradford
#142: 9-25-15 10-Year Anniversary edition part 2
#143: 10-2-15 Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s Episode with Cal and Asswolf

Season 3:
#14: 7-15-16 Springfield Illinois Music History
#22: 9-30-16 WQNA Edition
#32: 12-9-16 Johari Id (poet), Elizabeth Buchta (Lincoln Library)
#33: 12-16-16 The Dandelion Pickers, Emma Wilson
#34: 12-23-16 (the return of) Brandon Carnes
#35: 12-30-16 with Springfield Area Arts Council and Dan Potthast
#36: 1-6-17 Best of 2016 Edition
#39: 1-27-17 Richard Gilman-Opalsky
#43 2-24-17 Lisa Clemmons Stott

January 1st, 2019: Along with the closure of The Black Sheep Cafe and transition of our Southtown operation to a new location just under the name “Dumb Records”, we of course are continuing to host our radio show, but will be calling it the “Dumb Records Radio Show” and continuing the focus to be on local music and bands coming to town as we have for six years at this point!

April 8th, 2016: After over three years of hosting The Black Sheep Radio Show, Brandon is stepping down as he is leaving town and moving to Pittsburg. Brian + Mike + Nick are taking over for now until we figure out who our permanent host or hosts will be. The show is also moved into an actual LIVE mode as we enter our “third season”. 529-03128 is our in-studio phone number.

June 23rd, 2013: We are all caught up with downloadable episodes! We also now have the episodes labeled above as the date they aired and also who our guests were that week. For most of the later episodes, you should also be able to click on the link and stream the episode directly from Mediafire.

March 8th, 2013: So we decided that we want the shows to be streamable when they air live. There is a small kink in this plan. Due to dumb Soundcloud issues, we are only on Show #6. That means we’re going to have to cut the streaming of the upcoming shows a little short. Since the stream time will be less, all the downloads up to Show #9 will be available tonight. I am hoping to get it so everything is set up that Show #12 will be streamable the day it airs.

February 27th, 2013: We now have a Facebook page! Go like to stay up-to-date with all the news!

January 15th, 2013: The show has aired and is going swimmingly! Though we are still experimenting with format and segments, we are excited about the outcome of the last two shows. There are many of great things planned. The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. If you have any cool ideas, be sure to email them to

November 16th, 2012: After meeting with the director of WQNA 88.3 fm we are VERY excited to announce that Black Sheep will be hosting our very own radio show sometime in the near future on WQNA.

The focus of the show will be local music. Some of the kinks are still being worked out, but we do know that we will be featuring band interviews, live recordings of shows, and much more. There is some very exciting stuff in store for us in the future. We will keep you all updated on the show, and let you know when it will be aired when we can.

And now a message from Kevin:

Like times in the past with Black Sheep when an opportunity arises for us to do something new, we do it. If you wait too long to act nothing will happen. We are excited to do something completley new for us and that is radio. We are excited to work with WQNA and we are excited for the future. DIY till’ we die.



– send mp3s or links to downloadable music to

– drop of CDs of your music at Black Sheep during any show

And if you want to be super helpful in helping us collect local music, let us know which of your songs are and are not radio friendly. We want to build an archive of all the local music we can get, and it will be helpful to know which songs we can play on the radio right away and which will need some editing later on.

The more music we have, the easier it is to make great shows. So please, send a way! Thank you for your help!

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