years active: 2012

It all started with my first band, The Unprofessionals. It was B.P.(no longer in contact)on the Bass, Derrick Rosenburger on the drums, and Me on guitar. We swapped out members a lot, one in particular attempted to kick me out of my own band, so I left it and started a new band by the name of, Linolium Demon. Consisting of, Zach Statzer on Vocals and Bass, Trevor Nortan on Drums, Justin Coy and I on Guitar/Sax. After awhile, Zach and Trevor had scheduling conflicts and had to resign. After that I was pretty bummed out and didn’t think I would ever get into a steady band. I moved in with my father in Springfield and started to got to SHS. Thats when I met the people of the black sheep. My senior year in 2011, Clint and myself decided to start up a new band. one that transended genre boundries and just played songs. It didn’t matter what it sounded like, so long as it portrayed our feelings and people had fun listening to it, it was OK. Nolan Frasco was breifly in the band as was Wesley Bildilly(bass and drums respectivley). after a few more member swaps, we had our current, bad ass line up

Taylor Watkins – vox/guitar
Clint DeRoza – guitar
Simon Prehoda – bass
Evan Shaw – drums/synth

related projects:

links: facebook | bandcamp

contact: 217-381-6952

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