Tonight at Dumb Records: Fujiko, High Meadows, Emily Hough, The Complaint Line, Pierce Havenar

Good morning! It’s been a while since we’ve made a website post of any kind, and we probably never even announced this show that’s happening tonight here at Dumb Records, but here is the info for it anyway!

Okay, tonight we’ve got a show. We finally have the alternative rock band Fujiko coming from Peoria! This one has been a long time coming – they were going to be playing our anniversary show that we had to postpone from back in January. And here they are! Stream some music on the player below. They will be coming with another Peoria “alternative” band, High Meadows! We are excited for the both to take the Dumb Records stage for the first time. Also taking the stage for the first time is Emily Hough – who has performed here before but in the days before we had a stage! Aaaand The Complaint Line, long time Springfield alternative 90’s rockers, will also finally be performing at our space for the first time as well! Opening things up is a newer and younger solo artist, Pierce Havenar!

That’s 5 acts, starting at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook for this one right here. I’m not even sure if our shows page is updated right now.