Petulant Clark: “43 Greatest Hits”

Here we go trying to keep up with anything local music related in the year 2022… good luck to us! We all already know that Mark Schwartz is going to crank out at least 20 albums this year under various project titles, here is the first of them for this year. This one is a new project called “Petulant Clark” featuring Mark Schwartz and Scott Faingold of Epsom. A brand new project and would you look at that, they already have a 43-track long greatest hits album. Stream that on the player below or head over to the Petulant Clark bandcamp page and stream or download the release.

We’ll see how keeping up with our Springfield album archive page for the year 2022 goes… for now we’re starting off with this release and we’ll see how much on top of it we will be! Good luck to us all!