December 19th at Dumb Records: Die, Prevention, Split, War And Rumor

Alright here, real quick! We’re gonna go over a show announcement real quick! This one is happening on Sunday, December 19th so mark your calendars!

Okay, for this show we’ve got a band called “Die” from Chicago! Stream their music on the player embedded below. Didn’t we just recently have a band called Die play here? Yes, but that was “DYE” from Kansas City, apparently a different band. Also on this show of course is heavy hitting hardcore band Prevention. Then another band called SPLIT. Didn’t they recently play here too? No, that show got cancelled and they didn’t get to play here, so now they are. And we’ve got War & Rumor from Jacksonville.

That’s it, that’s the show. This show starts at 7:00pm, admission is $7, and we will be requiring masks and checking for proof of vaccine or negative COVID tests within 72 hours still.

Dumb Record Black Friday Record Store Day Exclusive Shirts

This is just a post to show you all that we have our new *Dumb Record* exclusive shirts for Black Friday Record Store Day ready to go. How exciting. No, these are not for sale. We would not even take any money in advance for these. These are only available for free to the first 50 people in line for Black Friday Record Store Day on Friday, November 26th at 8:00 am!!! No, we’ll never print these again.

Find a facebook event for Black Friday Record Store Day right here.