Black Friday RSD Delays: List of Titles Pushed Back To December 10th

Whoops! This is something that happens every year – and understandably so with hundreds of different releases being pressed for Record Store Day – there are always a number of releases that don’t quite make it in time and get pushed back. From the official Record Store Day facebook page:

Not sure if you’ve heard the news, but things are a little crazy in the world of supply and demand out there. And even though every Record Store Day, RSD Drop and RSD Black Friday has changes to the List in the weeks between when it’s launched and when the titles hit the stores, production issues, customs issues, shipping issues, rights issues, and some pretty comical situations we can’t really get into here have definitely hit this RSD Black Friday list.

We ordered every single release on “the list” for Black Friday Record Store Day this year, so everything on the list above should hopefully be coming to our store on December 10th. **Even through we ordered everything, not all of these titles are guaranteed to us, and it is normal for a number of releases to get allocated and less copies show up than what we order. We also can not put any holds on any of these items, even for the later date.

Black Friday Record Store Day is happening this year on Friday, November 26th. Our store opens at 8:00 am and we will be having sales, live music, exclusive shirt giveaways, and more. Checkout a facebook event for this one right here.

November 30th at Dumb Records: World’s Greatest Dad, Tilt Warning, Kate Laine

It’s time to get back on track with our show announcement posts over here. There are a few shows that have been announced outside of our usual website or facebook events have gone up for! This one is happening on Tuesday, November 30th!

For this show we have the national touring indie/emo band from Atlanta, Georgia called World’s Greatest Dad. (That’s WGD for short, and you can stream their latest release on the bandcamp player embedded below). Actually you know what, stream both of their latest releases on the player below. Also on this show is Tilt Warning – the fairly new three-piece emo band from here and Central Illinois. Opening things up is indie rock act Kate Laine, who we are excited to see back here at Dumb for the first time since before the pandemic!

All of that starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $10. It is safe to say that we WILL once again be checking for proof of vaccines and masks will be required. Find a facebook event for this one right here!