September Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now

Hey-o, it’s a little late in the game (September is already well over halfway done, and was yesterday the first day of fall?), but this is a post letting you know that we have the new issue of Activator Magazine here at our store! And plenty of copies of it still!

As you can see, this issue features hit Springfield hardcore band Prevention on the cover. Hey, that photo was even taken inside of our space! There is the usual album reviews, and Activator’s “Best Bets” which is a calendar for show and concert highlights for this month you should check out. There is also an interview with performer local performer Taylor Moni, an interview with Central Illinois metal band Blind Equation, an interview with solo Peoria musician Emily Antonacci, an interview with local jazz musician Richard Gilman-Opalski, an interview with Chris Bayless – musician from Peoria who started a new venue called “The Hotbox”, a photospread of the “Artists In Harmony” event that was held at Anvil & Forge Brewing, our own “Dumb Perspective” column which this time around focuses on our experience starting up shows again during the pandemic and requiring proof of vaccine at shows, an interview with Mt. Vernon-based musician Tom Doherty, a nice “Soundcheck” section featuring small update snippets with other local artists and musicians, a photo spread of the Old Capitol Blues & BBQ Festival, and another live music calendar!! Sorry, that was a lot. Woo!

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