Black Artists Matter Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now

We’re only a couple of days in and already just about need to be re-stocked with this issue, but this is a post to let you know that we do have the most recent “Black Artists Matter” issue of Activator Magazine. This is the second year that Activator has compiled this local zine full of art, poetry, interviews, and more featuring black artists in the area. It’s in full color too, they’ve really gone all out this time around.

In addition to this – the July issue of Activator is also on the way! AND Activator hooked us up with printed out “Live Music Calendars” for the month of July! They are amazing! Consider going and signing up to become a donor for their online Patreon page! We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have the July issue in stock.

Levitt AMP Music Series Tonight: Tito Puente Jr., Cuarteto Bendito (Latin/Dance)

Let’s boogie! It’s a Thursday and it’s latin dance night at the Levitt AMP Music Series here downtown! This is show number 6 in the 10-part weekly free music series going on here downtown on the y-block (on 4th and Capitol) thanks to our city getting a grant through the Levitt Foundation.

Tonight’s headlining act is: Tito Puedo, Jr. – a latin jazz musician and also son of legendary timbale player Tio Puedo. Before Tito goes on at 7:00 pm though – there is going to be a dance lesson on stage by Julio Barrenzuela! And before that at 6:00 pm the opening act is
Cuarteto Bendito – a newly formed trio from here in Springfield specializing in Latin Jazz.

All of that sounds like a pretty fun time to us! That kicks off out on the lawn at 6:00 pm. Check out the schedule for the remaining shows in the Levitt series on the Levitt website right here.