June Bubbles Arcade Contest Results

Now that it’s July, that means it’s not June anymore. And now that it’s not June anymore that means our June Bubbles arcade contest is officially over. Great! Here are our final results:

  1. Chris O – 81,900
  2. Nia T – 71,500
  3. Corbin – 68,020
  4. Levi – 64,300
  5. Lanny D – 55,320
  6. Eddie O – 51,080
  7. Zach H – 47,250
  8. Tyler S – 44,270
  9. Kolton – 44,170
  10. Connor S – 41,100
  11. Shelby W. – 40,760

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest! We have prizes for all of the top 11 scorers. Almost all of those prizes are ready (whoops we still have to get our bubble gum and big bubble gift basket together)!!

What will are next contest be? We don’t know. The next contest just might be our big downtown Springfield business pinball tournament later this year! We will see!

Sketbort! Pop-Up Shop Today At Dumb Records

Happy Saturday! It might be a busy one here at Dumb Records today. We are open 10:00 am – 6:30 pm. We just debuted a new pinball machine yesterday and also the Legacy of Giving Music Festival is going on downtown all day. And it’s the Saturday Old State Capitol Farmer’s Market!

But another thing we are doing today is hosting a pop-up shop all day long for Sketbort! Skateboards (a local / Taylorville) small skate company. There will be skateboards and skating gear for sale. Sketbort! is also part of the push behind “Taylorville Needs A Skatepark” – a campaign to get a new skatepark in Taylorville. The pop-up will be going on all day today.

*Once again, we would like to note here that we will be closed tomorrow for the 4th of July!