Record Store Day 2021 Drop #2 Saturday, July 17th

Saturday, July 17th will be the second of two Record Store Day 2021 “Drop Dates” happening this summer. The first one in June was an overwhelming success for us, and we are excited for this next one coming up – we will have even more in store this time than just the exclusive releases!

Of course, we will have all of the exclusive releases being released by Record Store Day. There are close to 200 of them coming out for this specific date, and you can check out the full list at Note: some of the releases originally planned for the first drop date last month got pushed back to this one coming up. And as usual, we can not place any holds on these items. They are first come, first serve.

One thing we are doing differently with handling our store right when we open at 8:00 am: to avoid a chaotic stampede, we will be letting in people 12 occupants at a time to our store at the start of the day. There will likely be a line when we open at 8:00 am, so come early if you want to guarantee a good spot!

In addition to all of that we have a few other goodies for you. We will have free coffee provided by Redbud City Coffee Roasters. There will also be some sales! We will be running a 10% off sale on everything in the store that is not RSD releases, and also 50% off dollar records. AND for the first time in over a year, we have live music in our store! Performances will be Idle Oath at 5:00 pm and Jessica Knight at 6:00 pm.

Hopefully we’ll see you there! The store is open that day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Check out a facebook event right here!

Forest Saints: “Orenda Dimension”

With all of his different recording projects, Mark Schwartz (End Times Trio, Forest Saints, Demons on Wheels, Tin Ghost, etc) is putting out albums at a faster rate than we can post about them! Today we bring you a brand new album by his psychedelic recording project Forest Saints. It’s a fifteen-track release entited Orenda Dimension and you can find it streaming on the player below. This would be the follow up to Forest Saints’ Pensive Innocents from late last year, and also is the 13th release from that project alone going off of what’s listed on the bandcamp page. You can also head on over to the Forest Saints bandcamp to stream all of that projects releases as well as purchase the downloads of all of the albums.

Mark was also a part of the project “Splendid Flunkys” along with Scott Faingold, which also put out an album at the start of June. We’ve got both of these releases on our Springfield album archive page now for 2021.

Levitt AMP Springfield Music Series Tonight: The New Orleans Jazz Ramblers and Kevin Hart Trio

How about kicking off the month of July with a free concert, buncha fireworks, and a whole lotta JAZZ? Whoop! That sounds like a nice time, and that’s what’s going on tonight for the next Levitt AMP Springfield Music Series free concert happening tonight out on the y-block. This is concert number 5 in the 10 part series that goes until August 5th, so we are pretty much halfway there!

The headlining act tonight is The New Orleans Jazz Ramblers. “Famous in the Crescent City for their musicianship and performance history, the New Orleans Jazz Ramblers are “the real deal.” Then the opening act right at 6:00 pm is The Kevin Hart Trio – a group from right here in Central, Illinois.

The concert tonight kicks off at 6:00 pm, goes until 8:30 pm, and there will be a firework display to see on Capitol Avenue and from the y-block directly afterwards. Continue checking the Levitt Amp Springfield site for the concert schedule for the following weeks!