October 8th at Noon: Dumb Records Virtual Cash Mob, Pinball Tournament *FINAL ROUND*, *NEW GAME REVEAL* (All Live)

Are you ready for us to dump a ton of stuff happening all at once on you right now??? Get ready…

On Thursday, October 8th, at NOON, on the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page:

We are participating in a “VIRTUAL CASH MOB.” What is this? What does this mean? It means we are going to be selling a bunch of stuff exclusively through an online store at this time along with a live video showing you these items. There are going to be some really really good deals, so you are going to have to be logged in watching the live video to act quick! This live video will be shown on the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page. We will have the link up to an online shop where each item will be for sale as well. For this you can expect good deals on new and used records, turntables and speakers, exclusive t-shirts and merch items, and more surprises along the way!! Expect the cash mob to go for 30 minutes from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. It will also be hosted by Momentum on Main Street member Kristina Barbee. For other examples of Cash Mobs other downtown businesses have been doing, check out the Downtown Springfield Inc facebook page! We will be posting more hints on our facebook page of items we are going to be selling on the virtual cash mob leading up to the event.

The OTHER big thing that is going to be happening LIVE, IMMEDIATELY after we are done with our cash mob also on the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page on the same live video is THE FINAL ROUND OF OUR PINBALL TOURNAMENT. By this time the tournament will be down to TWO competing businesses. The game they will be playing, *live* is going to be Blackout (1980). This is a fast moving game, and the winner of the tournament will be the best two out of three of that game. This will be intense. The winner will get a trophy and a gold key to our our arcade, and a champion t-shirt.

THEN, last but not least the WINNER of our tournament will be pulling back the curtain on a NEW GAME that we WILL HAVE in our ARCADE!!!! LIVE!!!!!

That’s it for now. Be sure to follow the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page and tune in on that day and time for all of the fun.

News Channel 20: “Dumb Records Hosts Pinball Tournament”

You are probably all sick of hearing about this pinball tournament from us by now. Well, it’s still going on, and will be until October 8th. Things are getting more intense, and now even News Channel 20 has caught on to our madness and has decided to cover the story. We appeared on the nightly news this past Sunday night. The article along with video clip online “Dumb Records Hosts Pinball Tournament” can be found online right here. From the article:

“It’s been a blast, it really had. It’s been a great way to just build community. We already have a great community downtown but it’s been a way to further that community,” said Tyler Smith, with the Public Market.

Brian Galecki, co-owner of Dumb Records says it’s a great way to have fun.

As you can see in the video, Dumb Records owner Brian Galecki’s mask has fallen down past his nose. Dumb Records the corporation acknowledges that this is not the appropriate wear to wear a facemask during this pandemic, and proper precautions are being made to notify owner Brian Galecki making sure this will never happen again.

Continue following us on facebook or log on to our underground pinball forum for more updates on the tournament.