217hiphop.com Gets Re-Launched


We have a hard time keeping up with local hip hop news and going-ons a lot of time on our site. It would be great if there was a whole other site and other people dedicated to posting what’s new and hot in 217 hip hop, right!?!? Well luckily, there is once again! Today we are reporting that the domain 217hiphop.com is back up and running!

The site looks as active as ever, with plenty of new music being actively posted covering the 217 area code, including both Springfield and Champaign, Illinois. There is also a page for events, however that might not be updated until we are all out of this coronavirus business.

217hiphop also has an active facebook page, and an active twitter page!

Jav NoCap: “NoCap Season Two”


Today we bring you some fresh local music from a new hip hop artist from the area – this time from “Jav NoCap” who is an artist who recently moved here from Chicago. This newest release from Jav, NoCap Season 2 was recently reviewed in the newest Activator Magazine. You can check it out streaming on the player embedded below. Also stream it on Jav NoCap’s soundcloud page and check out more of his music there.

This is release number 41 of the year for us as listed on our Springfield album archive page when it comes to local releases we have kept track of so far this year.