Solar Chariot: “II”


More local music is here! This time we are reporting news of a brand new album from Springfield jam band “Solar Chariot.” As far as we know, this is the band’s debut full length album, after they formed a year or so ago, and the album is entitled II. The band has uploaded just the first track up for streaming on bandcamp, and you can check out that track, “Chains” embedded below. If you head over to the band’s bandcamp page you can order a physical copy of the entire CD. We hope to also get them in stock in our store at some point soon.

We are adding this one on to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 40 releases total that we have kept track of this year so far.

WeirdMarc 300: “Liz 2.0”



Today we are here with yet another new release from the 217 hiphop scene, from “Weird Marc 300“, an artist we have not yet covered on our site. WeirdMarc is out with a brand new three-song EP just called Liz 2.0. You can check it out on the player embedded below. Also head over to the WeirdMarc 300 bandcamp page to purchase the download of the EP.

We have added this one to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to a total of 39 local releases we have kept track of so far this year.