Springfield Featured in Spotlight on Levitt AMP Blog


Although the Levitt AMP Music Series that was supposed to be taking place once again this summer out on the Y-block here downtown has been post-poned until 2021, the Levitt AMP site remains active and the foundation has also been active hosting online concerts. Springfield’s very own group, The Deep Hollow was featured as part of the online series late last month, and along with that the Levitt AMP site blog had a nice write-up spotlighting Springfield. You can check that all out right here. From the post:

Nearly 8,000 people attended the inaugural Levitt AMP Springfield Music Series last summer, and lawn surveys conducted by volunteers show an enthusiastic response from the community. Over 80 percent of respondents said that they would like to see a permanent concert venue in the space, and would regularly attend concerts if a permanent band shell was constructed. Other suggestions from the community include a dog park, tennis courts, food truck plaza, and more. “No one was using this block before Levitt AMP,” says (Lisa) Stott, “and now people see the possibilities.”

Keep following that Levitt AMP Springfield facebook page for more Levitt related going-ons and news on the 2021 season to be announced later on.

Mark Schwartz: “The Boy/Girl/Woman Who”


Yes, here is yet another release by Mark Schwartz, local musician, during this quarantine. Today we bring you one of the latest releases from Mark, entitled The Boy/Girl/Woman Who. This is another instrumental album, this time five tracks, and you can find them all streaming below. Unlike some of Mark’s other guitar works, this is entirely computer compositions. Head on over to the Mark Schwartz bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album and find much much more of Mark’s music.

We also of course have this listed on our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to a total of 34 local releases we have kept track of so far this year.