April 6th at Dumb Records: Aceyalone, Blast Mega + Cas Metah, Mouf Warren, + More


Today we have a mega-huge hip hop show to announce. This one is happening on Monday, April 6th at our space. We are especially excited about this one because it features a great lineup of national touring and very notable hip hop acts. One of those being “Aceyalone” from California and an active rapper since 1988. We have his 2001 album streaming on the player below. Aceyalone is coming with a whole group of artists, including Cas Metah and Mouf Warren from Ohio. “Blast Mega” and “Lee G” are a part of the tour as well. Then for local acts, this makes a lineup the biggest we have ever seen for a hip hop show at our space. We’ve got… some familiar acts to our stage including Cornbread, Zach Moad & Young Frost. Some unfamiliar acts but some who may have performed at Black Sheep include… Xtortion Da Don, Agent Orange, and Prez A Dent. There’s more??

All of that is only costing $7 admission… doors are opening at 7:00 pm. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at our space.

Wasted Talent ft. Mvrty1300: “Sheria Za Pesa” (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 4.24.00 PM

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another week. The Grammys happened a couple of nights ago we are pretty sure. We are not sure who won, but we do know that today we are bringing you a new-ish music video from local hip hop artist “Wasted Talent” for the song “Sheria Za Pesa” which features other local act Mvrty1300. The video was shot and directed here in town by Twenty One Seven Studios. You can check it out on the player embedded below.

Also check out our vids/pics page for a long list of other local music videos shot over the years here in town.