January 25th at Dumb Records: Satisfy, 36 N Brimstone, Meezy Killafield, C. Smith


Ready to hear about the next hip hop show we have lined up at Dumb Records? It’s coming up later this month on Saturday, January 25th. This one is a release show of sorts for local hip hop artist Satisfy, who just recently dropped his debut full length album entitled Take A Deep Dive Into What I Go Through on multiple streaming platforms. This one is being organized by DB Entertainment. Also on this show is 36 N Brimstone, an artist from Carlinville, Illinois. We also have Meezy Killafield on board once again! Meezy performed at our last hip hop show last month. The one other act lined up is C. Smith right now. There will also be more!

This show starts at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $7 at the door but $5 in advance. For advance tickets and more info, you can check out the facebook event right here. Be sure to also check out our shows page for what else we have lined up here in 2020.

Papa Luke: “Drinking By Myself”


Local hip hop artist Papa Luke, who is part of the Zippir Collective along with Kid Ziggy, RJC, and others, has recently released his first solo EP. The EP is entitled Drinking By Myself and features seven tracks released late last month. You can check out the first song streaming on the youtube player embedded below. Also check out all of the songs streaming on Youtube right here or on Spotify right here.

Papa Luke performed with Zippir Collective at our most recent hip hop show last month in December, which was also a benefit for Springfield Community Broadcasters. We’ve included this release in our Springfield album archive, bringing us to 61 releases in 2019 and 288 releases we’ve kept track of total.