The Vachel Lindsay Legacy Presents Art Show at Dumb Records January 11th


Today we are letting you know about the first art show going on in our space in the new decade, and the year 2020! This one is being put on by our friends over at the Vachel Lindsay Legacy. It is being called “Fund The Dumb Future” for some reason, we are not really sure why this is a benefit for our store, but we guess that’s what Vachel wants. From the facebook event:

In the spirit of Vachel Lindsay who wrote, “the things most worth while are one’s own hearth and neighborhood,” artists from all over Springfield are coming together to raise money for Dumb Records by throwing a big party! Beelzebunz will be selling delicious and homemade baked goods, the Baristie Boys will be there to warm up the winter with their locally roasted coffee, and artists and musicians in droves will be setting up and selling their art!

In addition to all of that, here are all of the artists involved:

Kristin Diehl
Azia Donovan
Will Redwood
Severyn Beekman
Aubrey Puyear
Devin Larson
Amber Autumm Mystlinski
Cheryl Stelle
Bri Skeels
Hannah Siehr
Dani Sakach
Clare Frachey
Staunzie Grady

And to add some atmosphere to this art show, Kate Laine, Vertrell Yates, and Xea will be performing their beautiful music. Of course, Dumb Records will have all the finest records for sale. To chronicle the thrilling night of music, food, art, community, and, well, Springfield, Cass Wulf Photo Co. will be photographing the event!

How have we managed to fit so much amazingness into one night? Easy. Springfield came together in the spirit of it’s DIY artist forefather, Vachel Lindsay, as a community to build this event into something special by applying Vachel’s “New Localism” which encourages communities to unify and grow together.

Admission is free but we will be collecting donations for our friends at Dumb Records to help with their rent. See you there!

“Springfield awake, Springfield aflame!”

All of that is scheduled to go on right now from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on January 11th, wow that is a heck of a lot of stuff scheduled to go on for two hours. Find a facebook event for this one right here.

JunioR Pasáre: “Mashed Potatoes Freestyle”

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 10.10.42 AM.png

Today we bring you a brand new song from local hip hop artist, JunioR Pasáre. JunioR is going to be performing tonight at Dumb Records as a part of the big Hiphophumpday Presents… hip hop show going on here tonight. The song is called “Mashed Potatoes Freestyle” and you can find it streaming on the youtube player below.

JunioR Pasáre released an album, We Gone Win earlier this year, and a Half Full EP with Ty Witty earlier this year as well.

Tonight at Dumb Records: Hip Hop Humpday Presents Kid Ziggy & Papa Luke, Meezy Killafield, Junior Pasaré, Deezy Da Paperboy & Alexa Redd, Cornbread, Big Homie Hom, Gambino Indacutt


One of our last shows of the year is happening tonight. Tonight also marks exactly one year since the last ever Black Sheep show, so we are getting real emotional over here at Dumb Records headquarters. Tonight is going to be yet another benefit for Springfield Community Broadcasters in their mission to get programming formerly on 88. 3 WQNA back on the air. And this one is being put together by Hip Hop Humpday, which used to be on for three hours every Wednesday afternoon. This show features a stacked lineup of some of the biggest hitting hip hop acts. This includes Kid Ziggy & Papa Luke of Zippir Collective, a duo that packed the house the last time they performed at our most recent hip hop show. Also Meezy Killafield is on the show and ready to show us all that he means business. We have the return of Junior Pasáre, and Cornbread to our space! Also the fantastic duo of Deezy Da Paperboy and Alexa Redd will be doing a special set. Big Homie Hom is the one other act that we have not had on a show here yet! Oh wait, there might be another opener right at 7:30 pm and that is Gambinoo Indacut, a young up and coming artist.

This show kicks off at 7:30 pm that day! For admission we are asking a minimum $5 donation to the cause. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else is coming up at our space.

Vector: “Subfusion”


Is it too late to squeeze in any more local releases for 2019? There are still five days left in this year? Okay. Here is a brand new electronic release coming at you from what appears to be a brand new local project called “Vector.” The group features the duo of Vincent (Sebastian) and Kolton. This is their first five-track release called Subfusion. You can find it streaming below. Also find it on bandcamp where you can download the release at your own price right here. Nothing for live shows for Vector as far as we can tell.

And bad-a-bing, we are adding this one to the Springfield album archive for this year (2019), putting us at 60 releases that we’ve kept track of this year.

Øttø San – “Starter Gang Freestyle”

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.29.34 AM.png

Today we bring you a brand new song and “dance video” from Øttø San for the song “Starter Gang Freestyle.” The video is shot and edited by Elijah Settles, and you can check it out on the player embedded below or on youtube right here.

Øttø San also released a video for “Origin” shot by Elijah Settles earlier this year. Check out more local music videos over on our vids / pics page.

January 5th at Dumb Records: Black Box, Judy & The Jerks, Bigg Band, Fornicators, Oh Gosh!


Ouch, this one is real late for a show getting announced. It is our FIRST show happening in the year 2020, on Sunday, January 5th! This one features a stacked lineup, two touring bands from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. One of those includes Judy & The Jerks – who played at Dumb Fest 5 in 2017 for any of you that can remember back that far. Stream Judy & The Jerks’ newest release on the player below. They will be on tour with a project called “Bigg Band” which we have been told is actually a really big band. Oh, and also we should mention that we have Springfield fast hardcore band Black Box on the bill. Also on the bill is a brand new St. Louis band featuring members of Mala Leche and Lumpy & The Dumpers called “Fornicators.” Opening things up is the second show ever for new Springfield band “Oh Gosh.”

This all starts at 7:00 pm and door admission is $6.99, maybe a new door standard for the future? We will see. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. And be sure to check out our shows page to see what else is coming up at Dumb Records in the year 2020.

Videos From NPR Illinois Tiny Desk Concert Series in May at Anvil & Forge

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.18.50 AM.png

Maybe we are way late on posting this, but here it is. Way back in May NPR Illinois put on a special “Public Radio Week” at different locations downtown. Part of this included a “Tiny Desk Concert Series” show at Anvil & Forge on Washington Street. Bands that play included Kate The Band (pictured above), Looming, Jeff Williams, and Dexter Anodyne. We’ve got the video from Looming’s set on the player embedded below.

To see videos of all four sets, head on over to the NPR Illinois site right here.

Ricki Marvel: “Lanes”


Now that Christmas is OVER, and DONE, it’s time for us to get back full swing into bringing you that hot, new, local music news. There has been a lot coming out this last month or so so we have a lot of catching up to do. What’s this? It looks like solo artist Ricki Marvel has released a new track this month off of an upcoming album that will be released at the start of 2020. The song is called “Lanes” and you can find it streaming on the player below. Also find it on bandcamp where you can purchase the download of the song.

The full album will be called The Prisoner and according to facebook will be out on January 10th, 2020. Ricki Marvel released What A Disappointment EP back in 2017.

A Dumb Records Christmas Special


After a good few hours of uploading things and trying to figure out how to get youtube and internets and technology and big files to work these past couple of days, we have finally done it. And just in time for Christmas. We are proud to present…. A Dumb Records Christmas Special! A little over one hour original film put together by the Dumb Records old man or something. Check out the entire film streaming on the player below, or on youtube right here.

We’ll be back with our regular programing tomorrow.

Springfield Winner In Second Levitt Amp Music Grant For Summer of 2020


Wow, we did it! Thanks to all who voted for Springfield once again this year to receive a second Levitt Amp Music Grant! Winners were just announced this past Friday, which includes 20 cities selected by a panel based on crowd voting in Levitt’s ongoing poll. This means that once again, there will be 10 free concerts happening out on the Y-Block downtown right by the governor’s mansion, and near our downtown location featuring diverse lineups of national acts featuring different genres throughout the summer. The dates have yet to be officially announced, but it is looking likely to be from the end of May through the end of July that concerts take place.

This time around Levitt AMP Springfield is opening their email up to taking suggestions on national acts that you want to see play the Levitt stage!! That’s right, you can email with your suggestions. Also be sure to follow Levitt AMP Springfield on facebook

This past summer’s bands included The Skatalites from Jamaica, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band from New Orleans, John Moreland from Oklahoma, and more.