Deezy Da Paperboy with Jayy Wills and Cornbread: “Angels” (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 4.49.42 PM.png

Today we bring you a new hit music video featuring not one, not two, but THREE talented local artists: Deezy Da Paperboy, Jayy Wills, and Cornbread. The video is for a song called “Angels,” by Deezy Da Paperboy and was shot and directed by Jayy Wills, looks like out in the mountains of Illinois somewhere. You might also catch a glimpse of some other local celebrities in the video. Check out the video on the player below.

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The Dixie Narcos: “Honey”

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The music-making machines over in Jacksonville known as “The Dixie Narcos” have released a new song called “Honey” which comes off of an upcoming album called Orange 3. You can find that track on the youtube video embedded below. Actually the band kept going with new singles presumably all off the upcoming album with a few more uploaded onto their youtube page since this one a few weeks ago. We just can’t keep up. Check out the track “Deadlights” here, “Out” here, and “Please, Tell Me About The F*cking Golf Shoes” here.

The Dixie Narcos have already released two full length albums this year. Those include Soda Pop, and Tinderfolk. Check them out on bandcamp right here, or on spotify right here. The Dixie Narcos played one show at our space earlier in the summer, but currently don’t have any live shows lined up as far as we know.