Satisfy: “Take A Deep Dive Into What I Go Through”


Here we are coming to you today once again with yet some more brand new local music!! This time it’s a full album from hip hop act “Satisfy“, going to be performing at Dumb Records for the first time this upcoming Saturday, November 9th. Satisfy’s new album is called Take A Deep Dive Into What I Go Through, and we have some of it streaming on the youtube player embedded below. Find links to what other platforms the album is streaming on through Satisfy’s website right here.

You bet that we’ve got this album now listed on our Springfield album archive page! We are coming up on the end of another year, so we will be getting ready for a year end poll not before long. The show at Dumb Records on Saturday night starts at 7:00 pm and also features Mac Xavier, Spiff The Kid, and more acts. Satisfy and those acts are also playing this Friday night (November 8th) at The Incubator downtown.

The Telephone Junkies: ” Courage Does Not Exist in This Dojo, Does It?”


Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 12.22.12 PM.png

Central Illinois group The Telephone Junkies have released a brand new hit single. The song title is too long. It is called “Courage Does Not Exist in This Dojo, Does It?.” You can find the song streaming on the player below. We can’t figure out if that is a picture of the Lauterbach Man, but we don’t think it is. Purchase the song to download on their bandcamp page. This song might possibly be on an upcoming album The Telephone Junkies have been working on.

The Telephone Junkies don’t have any shows lined up in Springfield currently as far as we can tell, however they are playing one on November 16th at the “Cooperative” according to their bandcamp page.