Musical Realists: “Hill Of Beans”


We are giving you a second dose of local music today, wether you like it or not! Ha! This evening we bring you a brand new EP from the father and son duo project “Musical Realists”, composed of sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell and his son. The EP is called Hill of Beans and features three new tracks and you can check out streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Musical Realists bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album.

Yes, we are adding this one to our Springfield album archive, bringing us to 36 releases from this year that we’ve had featured, and 462 releases total.

Ty Witty & Junior Pasare: “Half Full” EP


Yesterday we brought you some new local music from Emily Hough with her Glass EP, apparently today we are going to keep going with the Glass theme. Today we have streaming on the youtube player below a new release by local artists Ty Witty and Junior Pasáre called Half Full. That’s five tracks, and you can stream it on the youtube player below, or also check it out on spotify right here. Ty Witty also released an album For When It Rains on his own earlier this year. Junior Pasáre also released an album, We Gone Win earlier this year.

We have added this release to our Springfield album archive page for this year, bringing us to 35 local releases this year we have featured on our site so far.