Illinois Times Best Of Springfield 2019 Nominee Voting Has Begun


It’s that time of year again. The Illinois Times have once again launched their nominee voting for their annual Best of Springfield series for 2019. Now is your chance to nominate your favorite local businesses and people for various different categories to make it on to final voting later on in September. Check out the nominee voting right here. This goes on from now until August 19th, and actual voting with finalists in each category takes place from September 12th through September 23rd. Yes, this is a popularity contest, it is true.

What categories do we fall under this time around as Dumb Records? This year is the first go-around for the Best Of’s that we have been at our new location downtown, which may open us up to some new categories. It looks like the big one that we want to shoot for getting at least a finalist for this year would be Best New Business Downtown in the “Goods and Services” category. Looks like we might also fit into categories “Place To Go Downtown,” or also “Small Music Venue” as usual. Oh! And also “Best Open Mic Night,” that could be us! It may be ending soon, but The Dumb Records Radio Show can be a contender for “Best Radio Show.” We are never sure if Best Music Shop means record stores or musical instrument stores, but we’ll take any nominations we get for that category.

For the band and musician categories this year, there seems to be less opportunities to vote for your favorite local bands this time around. There are just categories for “Best Original Band,” “Best Cover Band” and “Best Overall Band And Their Genre,” which is sure to leave many disappointed. (Don’t worry, you are all winners in our book). There is an opportunity to vote for your favorite musicians in categories such as “Best Drummer,” “Best Horn Player,” “Best Keyboardist,” etc.

You can also vote for your favorite local music festival, and your favorite local food spots and restaurants. Other fun downtown categories include “Best Use For The Y-Block” “Use for Public Money” or “Use For The Armory.”

We’ll be sure to let you all know when the finalist voting begins and if we make it onto any finalist categories as Dumb Records.

DJ Reco / Various Artists: “Dope: The Mixtape”


Here’s another very recent local hip hop release that came out last month that we now know about thanks to Ken No of Hip Hop Humpday and Activator Magazine. It is a compilation of songs of artists – 27 songs in fact – put together by DJ Reco, called Dope: The Mixtape. The cover features a building we are somewhat familiar with. The mixtape is streaming on and you can check it out right here. Can we embed players from Datpiff??? Let’s see… Yes!!? Does that player right down there work? Awesome!

We are adding this release to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 33 releases that we’ve kept track of so far this year and 459 total.

Tonight at Dumb Records: Meezy Killafield, DreTheGuy, 4usten, WeBackSoon, Torch_Nation, A Da Real


Wow, thanks to all who came out last night making it the biggest show we’ve put on at the new space so far! We are keeping the excitement rolling tonight with another all-local bill, this time it’s our second ever hip hop show! There are six acts performing tonight from the area. At the top of the bill is Meezy Killafield, who has been making a splash as a rapper from our area recently. He released an album – “The Killafield Chronicles” within this past year. Also on this show is DreTheGuy aka “DeAndre”, another hip hop artist who has performed at The Radon Lounge and also recently Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s. He just dropped an album called “Lapis Effect” just a few weeks ago. Then we got 4usten… what’s up with the “A” in this guy’s name being a “4”? Come to the show and find out. For some of his set he will be joined by Brayden Schmohe. Pictured on the flier and also playing from Decatur is the rap duo “WeBackSoon Music Group“. You can also find them streaming on the player below. Also is more of an R&B act called “Torch_Nation“, familiar to a number of the Dumb Records and Black Sheep open mics. Great to finally get him on a show! Opening things up is A Da Real, another young up and coming artist we are pretty sure from Springfield High School. Nice.

Tonight we are saying doors are at 7:00 pm and we are starting things at 7:30 pm. Admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good list at what else is coming up at Dumb Bread in the near future.