Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s Big Act Confirmed For September 30th, Serious About Locking In Sponsors For A Big Announcement


Earlier this month we put a feeler out there hinting that we were possibly going to be taking on helping book another huge show at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s this fall. The teaser went well and we got a good amount of interest in potential sponsors that would be willing to help fund the concert to make sure it could happen as a free show out at the legendary Stevenson Hardee’s stage.

Today we are letting you know that we have locked in the act that we were trying to get – so now we need to be serious about getting sponsors locked in so that we can meet the band’s needs and make it a free show for the public. We are trying to get sponsors and local businesses locked in as soon as possible so that we can have them all finalized for a big announcement!

If you are at all interested, please email us at or call us at 217-691-8991. All sponsors will be listed on the final poster which will be going up along with the big announcement, and distributed around town. Your logo or name will also be up on a banner at the event, and we also have limited table or tent space for potential sponsors to set up depending on who is interested. Thank you!

Rather Dashing: “Feeling Blue” / “Wasted From The Start”


Today we bring you two new brand new tracks from local rock group Rather Dashing. Those tracks are called “Feeling Blue” and “Wasted From The Start” and you can find them both streaming on the player below. Also head over to the band’s bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the songs at your own price.

Rather Dashing will be performing at Downhome Music Festival this Friday at 7:45 pm. They are also lined up for a show at our space exactly one month from today on Saturday, August 24th. The band released a collection of seven songs “Live From The Studio” last year.