CityFME: “Lost N The Muzik 3”


Gotta keep that new local hip hop rolling in! Today we bring you a stream of a new release by local hip hop project “CityFME.” CityFME has a brand new album that came out late last month called Lost N The Muzik 3. It’s 13 tracks and you can find it streaming below. It was also reviewed on USA Blog Network’s Review:

Consistency is the key to success. CityFME embodies that statement with his latest release Lost N the Muzik. 3″ Bringing his distinctly Midwestern vibe to his new project, City continues to show his growth as an artist and songwriter on the third installment of his popular mixtape series. Not bogged down with too many features or cluttered with a lot of filler, “Lost N the Muzik 3” gives the listeners a nice experience. Standout tracks like “Moments” featuring Papa Luke and “So Juicy” showcase City’s ever evolving pen.

The album also has a write-up by Ken No is this month’s issue of Activator Magazine! And of course, we are also adding it to our ultimate Springfield album archive, bringing us to a total of 452 releases. Nice.

New Band Pages: Local Drags

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 9.08.10 AM

This week we bring you a brand new band page for the new-ish power pop project that has only played like two shows or something but has a killer record out, Local Drags. Check out that new page to find out more about the band and stream their music right here. Local Drags dropped their Shit’s Lookin’ Up on It’s Alive Records and Stardumb Records last month and yes, we do have copies on vinyl in our record store. They don’t have any other shows lined up as far as we know right now. Sorry.

Check out any of our 44 current band pages on our website right here. Yes, we do know that some of these bands are no longer active, but don’t you worry, we are working on getting this section of our website up to date. It’s an adventure! Do you perform in a local band or are a solo musician here in Springfield that does not have a band page set up with us? We would love to hear from you. Email us at and we will work with you to get something set up.

July 31st at Bread Sheep: Crafter, Final Order, Soul Craft, Black Box


Good morning and welcome to another brand new week! Hopefully we are on top of things with website posts and bringing you some top of the line content this week! Today we have a show to tell you about happening on Wednesday, July 31st at our spot. Drew says this is a last minute show, but we don’t think it’s that last minute. It’s still over two weeks away, you have plenty of time to plan what you are going to wear to this very solid hardcore show. For this show we have the band “Crafter” coming all the way from Massachusetts. Stream their music on the player below. Final Order from right here in Springfield will also be playing this show. ALSO on this show is a band called Soul Craft from St. Louis. Soul Craft features members of old Champaign/Urbana hardcore band Commodity that were around in the late 2000’s / early 2010’s that none of you probably remember. Opening things up is the new Springfield hardcore band everyone has been talking about, “Black Box.”

This one starts at 7:00 pm and only costs $5. You just can’t beat that. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our Bread Sheep shows page to see what else is coming up at our spot this summer right here.