July 26th & 27th at Bread Sheep: Midnight CD Release / Downhome Music Festival Aftershows


Get ready because this evening we are going to throw a lot at you for some surprise shows happening at our space later this month. This is a joint announcement for TWO shows happening at our space – BOTH are aftershows for Downhome Music Festival on July 26th and 27th, BOTH are happening right at midnight (crazy, we know), and BOTH are CD release shows for two different local artists. This is just getting too wild. Let’s break it down for each show:

The first night of Downhome Music Festival is Friday, July 26th. There will be a show at our space at midnight that night It will be a CD release show for Dexter‘s new album Weeping Venus. We are excited. You can check out the first song from that album right here. Also playing is Jeff Williams of NIL8. That show is just $3 and it’s all ages of course.

Then the next night is Saturday, July 27th (yes we are aware since we are talking midnight here it would technically be the 28th). For this one we have local grunge rockers Master Bastard‘s CD release for their new album which we have been told is being called Drinking With Children. Also on that show is Taylorville 90’s rock group Stick People, and the brand brand new surf band that’s been making splashes, Snuff Rider. Another $3, all ages show!

Both of those shows are starting right at midnight, both are all ages, and both are $3. We’ll be getting facebook events up for both of those right away. Oh, and no beer in our space for any of those. Sorry. Check out our shows page to see what else is coming up at our space this summer.

Videos: The Cult Of Lip at Bread Sheep 6-18-19

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 8.38.10 AM.png

Here we are today with another video of a band performing live in a space that is right next door to us that we hear has been putting on shows. The band is The Cult of Lip from Minnesota, and they played there last month on June 18th. You can check out the video of them playing their song “A Glow” embedded below.

Also be sure to check out our “vids/pics” page for a list of pictures and videos (mostly at Black Sheep, but we are working on building up new ones of the new space! Or check out the Dumb Records youtube channel. (Like and subscribe, thank you).

New Band Pages: Imaginary Colours


Wow, today we are bringing you a new featured band page of the week for a project that is long overdue for us – and that is for solo electronic / ambient project “Imaginary Colours” by Michael LeFrance that has been going for well over a year now with four different releases. Check out the new page up on our site right here where you can also stream the newest EP, Among The Horizon. We are working on beefing up the bio on the page here soon. Imaginary Colours doesn’t have any shows lined up currently.

Check out any of our 40+ current band pages on our site right here. We are still slowly working on getting this all updated. Do you play in a local original band or are a solo project that has not yet gotten a page set up with us? Email us at dumbrecs@gmail.com and we would love to get something together!