Zetaretic: “Demo”


We recently discovered a brand new metal recording project and possibly soon to be full band called “ZETARETIC” from right here in the Capital City, so of course felt it appropriate to share Zetaretic’s demo recordings that were just recently released. You can stream the first song of that demo: “What Lies Beneath” on the Youtube player below. Or head over to the Zetaretic Youtube Page to stream all five of the tracks. The demo is called The United $lave$ of America. It looks as if right now Zetaretic is just the solo project of Aaron Williams, but Aaron is looking to recruit other members to turn it into a full band. Go check out the Zetaretic facebook page if you would like to stay updated or learn more!

Yes we are also adding this one as a 2019 release under our Springfield album archive page! Go check it out! We just hit 450 releases!

New Band Pages: Snuff Rider


Today we present to you a brand new featured band page of the week and that is for the brand new instrumental surf band based out of here in Springfield and also Taylorville Illinois, called Snuff Rider. That’s right, you can check out that new page here. Snuff Rider has only played one show and that was the Activator Magazine Anniversary show at our space a few weekends ago. They have another one lined up this month at Buzz Bomb Brewery on the 17th. They have no recordings right now but on the page you can find out more about the band and see a live video taken from the show they played.

You can check out any of the 40+ current band pages we have set up on our current band pages right here. Yes, we know a lot of these need to be moved over to “past bands” right now and updated, we are working on it! Do you play in a local band or are a solo original musician here in town that does not have a page set up with us?? Email us at dumbrecs@gmail.com and we will work with you to set something up!