Bruce Kodrich: “Don’t Leave Empty Handed”


Today we are bringing you a stream of a local album we are absolutely blown away at the existence of. Bruce Kodrich – (yes, father of Black Sheep co-owner Drew Kodrich, vocalist of hardcore band Prevention, etc., etc.) has uploaded a full length album of his own original music, called Empty-Handed onto bandcamp. We have that album streaming below. The album features eight tracks of pure rock. Also head over to Bruce’s bandcamp page to pay to download the album for seven bucks and support Bruce. There may or may not be rumors of many more lost tapes in Bruce’s rock collection of original material he recorded over the years.

These songs and recordings may or may not be older than 2019, but since it is being released into the world right now we are counting it as a release for this year in our Springfield album archive page.

The Deep Hollow: “Carry Me Home” (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 8.04.57 AM.png

Today we are bringing you a fresh new music video from local Americana trio “Deep Hollow“. The video is for their song “Carry Me” which was a track on the band’s latest album Weary Traveler which was released last year. It won’t let us embed the video below, will it? Dang it. You are going to have to go on over to The Deep Hollow’s facebook page to watch this video, right here. This neat video features a few friends of ours from all over Springfield singing along, including a one second clip of Dumb Records volunteer Brian Galecki in our store! The video was shot and directed by Josh Catalano of Catalano Creative.

The Deep Hollow opened up for Lionel Richie at The Bank of Springfield Center earlier this month. We are not sure of any other shows they have coming up right now. Check out our vids/pics page for a long list of Springfield music videos shot over the years that we are adding this one to.