“Abe Fest” Happening July 19th & 20th Downtown


With all of these downtown festivities happening and more being announced right around now, we bring you even more downtown festival news today – this time news of a very brand new festival happening right smack dab in the middle of summer! This one is called “Abe Fest” and it is happening on Friday and Saturday July 19th and 20th for the first time this summer. Headlining bands include The BoDeans for Friday night (American rock group from Wisconsin active since 1983) and The Smithereens on Saturday Night (alternative rock group active since 1980 from New Jersey). There was a nice article in the State Journal Register about the festival, online right here (sorry, we can’t see it because we haven’t subscribed online to SJ-R articles, we do try to buy the paper every once in a while though).  Local 1990s rock group The Spoonbenders will be uniting for the festival as well.

We can’t seem to find the full lineup or schedule for the fest listed out right now (or maybe it hasn’t been released yet), but you can be sure to follow Abe Fest on facebook for any festival updates as they come.

Forest Saints: “Intergalactic Radio”



Keeping our streak of new Springfield music somewhat going here – today we bring you a brand new album by Springfield recording project Forest Saints. The new album is called Intergalactic Radio – it’s a whopping 23 tracks clocking in at what looks like well over an hour of some very space oriented sounds and songs. Here’s somewhat of an explanation from the Forest Saints bandcamp:

Voyager 1 is a space probe which was launched by NASA on September 5, 1977. On August 25, 2012, it became the first spacecraft to cross the heliopause and enter the interstellar space. The most distant of all man-made objects, Voyager 1 continues to communicate with the Deep Space Network, receiving routine commands and transmitting data to Earth.*

On October 23, 2017, Voyager 1 began transmitting to Earth radio signals it was intercepting out in interstellar space. These radio signals were determined, after much analysis, to be emanating from a host of different solar systems. In fact, the signals were able to be traced back to specific exoplanets.

Voyager 1 has captured the first signals of intragalactic radio. Specifically, Voyager 1 has captured what can be described as the first sounds humans have heard of alien music. All of these sounds were determined to originate from within our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Forest Saints is the “psych-prog folktronica” musical project of Mark Schwartz. You can stream Intergalactic Space in its entirety below. Head on over to the Forest Saints bandcamp page to find other albums available or to purchase the download for this album. You bet we are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page – putting us at 441 releases listed.