March 9th: Dumb Records Downtown Location Grand Opening


Okay, we can’t wait any longer, we’re going to have a grand opening for our new location. On Saturday, March 9th in a little over just two weeks – The Official Grand Opening™ of the new Dumb Records Downtown Location. Yes, we are open every day from 1:00 to 8:00 pm right now and have been “soft” open for over a month now, but we are ready to make this official. On March 9th we will be open all day from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm and we’ll just go ahead and say our store will be in full swing mode by then. Maybe we’ll keep building stuff after that date (we probably will)! How’s the venue portion coming along? No bands are playing this grand opening, however we are closer than we ever have been now that’s for sure – we still don’t know when exactly we will have final approval for shows. If anything this date will be an opportunity for us to show off our space to any of you who haven’t seen it. Also of course at 11:00 am the mayor Jim Langfelder will be here for an official ribbon cutting. Don’t miss that! Coffee will be provided by new local coffee shop Foamed Up (they are located out at the mall.

We’ll get a facebook event for this going right away, don’t you worry.

Tonight at Bar None: Masked Intruder, The Timmys, Hospital Job



Look at those guys up there! ^^^ Is that the telly-tubbies? No! For those of you who have been around the music scene for a very long time (3-5 years), may remember those guys playing at Black Sheep in… 2015(?) and before then at Skank Skanks for a rare show in 2014. They are a band called Masked Intruder from Wisconsin, and they are playing across the street from our new location at Bar None (245 S 5th Street) tonight! Yes, the show is ages 21+ but we figure any show at Bar None is worth mentioning on our site here especially since they are our new neighbors. Also playing this show are local punk rock legends The Timmys – and also another rare performance by Hospital Job – playing one of their first local shows since putting out their new album Haze Like Me!

That show kicks off tonight at Bar None. We can’t figure out how much money that it costs to get in, we think $10. Find a facebook event right here. Also check out our Springfield shows page if you are thirsty for more live music while you wait for our new venue’s doors to open.

Black Sheep (Dumb Records) Radio Show Back On Air Today! (4-6pm)


Hey! Exciting things are happening – the ball is rolling more and more for us hosting shows in the new space soon and our radio program is back on air starting today after nearly a month of WQNA 88.3 fm being off air! That’s right – you can tune into The Black Sheep Radio Show – or The Dumb Records Radio Hour today from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on 88.3 WQNA fm to hear all local music or bands that are coming to town. Stream it online at the same time at We won’t have any guests on today – just a normal episode packed with mostly music since it’s been so long since we have had one of those! We have been hosting this show on WQNA for the past six years now (wow).

Also check out our radio show page for a few downloadable episodes of the past.