Videos: BIB at Black Sheep (12-22-18)

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This is probably the last post from us about any photos or videos from any of the final Black Sheep shows, we promise. But, here is a three-minute long video of a couple of songs taken from Omaha Nebraska based hardcore band BIB‘s set at Black Sheep at one of the legendary(?) final shows which took place on December 22nd of 2018. Find that streaming below. Also Gordon Chang’s camera (ran by someone else other than Gordon Chang) did also happen to catch most of every set from that night! Let’s link all of those here below:

PRYSS (final show)
LIVIN’ THING (final show)
BLUSHE (first show)

Then of course you can go over to our vids/pics page for a list of other photos and videos taken at Black Sheep over the years.

State Journal-Register: “WQNA Hopes To Find Its Voice Again Soon”


The situation over at WQNA (which is currently off-air) has made the news big – some of you may have noticed articles in both The State Journal-Register AND the Illinois Times both published yesterday. Both articles included quotes from station manager Jim Pemberton about the current situation and the future of the community radio station. The paper also talked to Larry Turnbull, a DJ for the “Friday Night Free For All.” From the article:

“WQNA is Springfield’s hometown station and people love the station,” said Turnbull. “No one is getting paid to do any of the shows.

“We want to put it back together and come back (on the air). It’s great that people have offered equipment and monetary donations. It says something, that people love the station.”

″(After the station went off the air), all of my volunteers were like, let’s work on this,” Pemberton said. “Let’s do a fundraiser. Let’s start a benefit.

“No one wanted to give up on it. That’s what’s driven me.”

Check out the full article online right here. Also check out the Illinois Times article “WQNA Off The Air” right here.

Dumb Records is more than willing to offer our new space up for a benefit show for WQNA of some sort… however we are still awaiting approval from the city and a door to get replaced in order to host events. We are really hoping all of that can come together soon. There is also talk of a GoFundMe campaign for WQNA to be launched. All of WQNA volunteers are meeting together here soon in the next few days to discuss the future, and we will report back when more is known!