Photos: The Final Black Sheep Show (12-28-18)


For those of you who have not seen, tonight we bring you a collection of photos taken at the final final Black Sheep show which took place on Friday, December 28th of last year (one month ago now)! All of these amazing photos were taken by Ryan Capranica. Bands include Soap Scum, Looming, Rockford, and Hannah Songer. There are 180 photos total! You can see them all on our newly created flickr album right here. Also a few above and below. Our beloved friend Gordon Chang also caught the full video of all four sets from the night, which you can find all of streaming on his youtube channel right here.

Check out our vids/pics page for more photo albums taken over the years at Black Sheep.




Timothy Donavan Russell: “Public Domain 2019”


Here’s another new release from Springfield local sound / electronic ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell, and his first of 2019. It’s a five song release called Public Domain 2019 which apparently includes tracks performed recently at a house concert here in Springfield. Check that out streaming on the player below.

Timothy also recently released Pin Drop late last year and another one we didn’t manage to make a website post for was Best of Electronic 2008-2018, which included some unreleased material as well. We have trouble keeping up with all of Timothy’s releases sometime. Check out our Springfield album archive, where we have this one listed now for 2019.

Timothy Donavan Russell is also a member of The Pharmacy Gallery, which is also in the middle of making a big move to a new location downtown.

February 16 at The Radon Lounge: We Are Warm, The Randys, Star Stuff, Dexter, Devin Larson


Here’s another show happening not at our space but that’s coming up in town for us to tell you about. It’s Saturday, February 16th at The Radon Lounge and should be a good one. They have this indie / psych rock band coming from St. Louis called “We Are Warm” (we hope that we are going to be a lot warmer than what it’s been like outside these last few days, that’s for sure). You can stream their music on that soundcloud player below. The other full band on the bill is “The Randys” from Lawrenceville, Illinois wherever that is! Where’s Lawrenceville? And who is Randy? Come to the show to find out. Actually there’s another full band, and that is Star Stuff who played their first show late last year at Black Sheep we are pretty sure. Opening things up is the very talented solo act, “Dexter.” In addition to all of this music there will be works on display by local artist Devin Larson as well.

All of this happening at 7:00 pm that night and you can count on there being La Crouix, pinball, probably coffee, probably other stuff. Admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Check out our Springfield Shows page. Check out The Radon Lounge’s website, especially if you don’t know where it is.

Dumb Records Participating In “Vintage Love Tour” February 9th


No, we are still not cleared to host events in our new space just yet (and it’s killing us), but however we can still have a store and be involved with a neat and fun group of businesses as part of the “Vintage Love Tour” being set up by Springfield Vintage on Saturday, February 9th! Very lovely! What does the Vintage Love Tour entail? Well, for one this will be a big deal for us because it means we are going to have to have our space and store open from 10am-4pm for the tour. This means we will be open from 10am-8pm that whole day (we really hope the weather is warmer by then). For the Vintage Love Tour we will have a few vendors set up inside our space (the 416 space) selling vintage clothing and other items. We will still have our regular record store up and running too of course.

To go check out the full list of businesses participating and map of the event, go to the Vintage Love Tour facebook page right here. We are excited to now be downtown so we can participate in things like this with other businesses! We are also ready for the weather to get warmer!

Deezy Da Paperboy: “The Midwest Miracle”


Back to the new Springfield music that has been coming out! In the category of local hip hop – here’s a five-track release that dropped right at the end of last month (so the end of 2018). It’s Deezy Da Paperboy with The Midwest Miracle, which you can find streaming on the player embedded below. The last track “Light The Sky” features vocalist from Lincoln, IL, Alexa Redd.

For a long list of what music has recently come out in Springfield, check out our album archive page.

February 3rd (Sunday) at CFP: Decline, Time & Pressure, Redbait, No Cash Value, Final Order


It’s cold outside today. We figure while we are still waiting for our space to get approved for events we might as well be doing show announcement posts for other DIY all ages show that are going on and coming up in town, right? There is one coming up this Sunday, February 3rd at the CFP house. Hopefully it will be a little bit warmer out by then. This show features a few touring acts – on the top of the bill is Chicago “straight edge hardcore” group Decline – whose music you can find streaming on the player below. Another hardcore group from St. Louis – Time & Pressure is coming, a band that has played at Black Sheep before. Another St. Louis band coming up for the show is Redbait. Sounds like we’ve got a packed house! Local groups include No Cash Value – who just played a short set at CFP last week. Last but not least is Final Order from right here in the Capital City.

This show starts at the CFP at 7:00 pm. Admission is five dollars to go to the out of town bands and it’s an all ages shows. If you do not know where the CFP is located, maybe you can inquire on the facebook event. Be sure to also check out our Springfield shows page where we try to keep a list of shows coming up in town that are outside of our own space.

WQNA Community Radio Currently Off Air, Needs Help!


Some of you may have noticed that local radio station WQNA (88.3 fm) is currently off the airwaves and has been since last Thursday, meaning the Black Sheep / Dumb Records radio show also did not air. It seems a number of difficulties have caused this to happen, and the volunteer-ran radio station is going to have to reach out for help of the community to get back on its feet:

“We have suffered what we can best describe as a perfect storm of simultaneous technical disasters.  In addition to losing all of our computers and files to a Cryptovirus, both our main transmitter and our backup transmitter have failed.  The main transmitter is down, because our 300 foot antenna is covered with ice.  Unfortunately, we can’t really do anything about that until it thaws, and that’ll probably be a while.  When we tried to fire up the backup, we discovered that a major part called the Exciter had crapped out, and that we would have to replace it.  If we had a working transmitter, we could at least broadcast the old fashioned way for a while, with CD’s, vinyl, and our own I-pods and laptops, but at the moment, we can’t even do that.”
– Jim Pemberton, Station Manager

Currently it seems that the station which is based out of the Capital Area Career Center needs to be raising money for new computers to replace those affected by a cryptovirus that got to multiple computers in the facility, also to get a working transmitter up and running. In addition to that the station is going to be needing to raise money to cover licensing fees for the next year once the available parts are ready for it to get back up and running.

We are very much crossing our fingers for our show space at the new Dumb Records to get up and running very soon so we can host a benefit show (or more) to help get WQNA back on its feet! There may also be a GoFundMe campaign launched at somepoint soon. We are also considering donating a percentage of Dumb Records store sales to WQNA for a given timeframe if we do not get approved for events in the new space soon. In the meantime, WQNA can take donations in the form of checks made out to “WQNA Activity Fund.” Anyone who wishes to donate can also drop off checks with us at Dumb Records and we will be sure to deliver them to CACC or the station manager. Those checks can also be mailed to 2201 Toronto Rd, Springfield, IL 62712.

We will be sure to keep you all updated on the situation over at WQNA- it is likely that online streaming will be back up and running at some point before normal radio is. The Black Sheep Radio Show has been running as a weekly radio program on WQNA for over six years now, since the start of 2013.