Timothy Donavan Russell: “Best Of Ambient / Best Of Experimental”


It’s not every day when any local Springfield band or artist has so much material that they are able to drop “Best Of” albums, let alone TWO “Best Of” albums. Springfield solo sound artist and member of The Pharmacy Gallery, Timothy Donavan Russell has released just that – one 27 track Best of Ambient 2003-2018, and a 20 track compilation Best of Experimental 1995-2018. You can find both of those albums streaming below. Both feature material that Timothy recorded over the years, and also feature some previously unreleased material as well. You can head over to Timothy Donavan Russell’s bandcamp page to pay to download the albums and check out more of his music.

Timothy has a whopping NINE releases that have come out this year which will all be in our “Best of Springfield Music 2018” poll being launched tomorrow. Check out that running list on our album archive right here.

Videos: Black Sheep Band Lotto 2018


Black Sheep Band Lotto 2018 was a few weeks ago now, and those of you who were there or performed know how much of a great night it was. Soon after the show we posted a few photos of the night. Today we are back with a full video we have of every single band’s full set big thanks to big MVP Gordon Chang on the video camera. You can stream that video (over one hour long) on the player below.

Head over to our vids/pics page for more videos taken at Black Sheep over the years.

December 8th at The Radon Lounge: Levi The Poet, Dan & Kris, Simply Fair


Every year in December our good friends over at Springfield basement venue The Radon Lounge put on their annual Christmas show, and it’s usually a nice time. Usually it’s a Christmas “explosion” but it looks like this year there will be no exploding, instead they are calling it “Dressember” looks like. This is happening this upcoming Saturday, December 8th. This one features a special local vendor (not a music group) called Simply Fair. For performing acts there is “Levi The Poet” doing spoken word coming all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexcio! Wow! Musical acts include Dan Smith – who is a part of the project Listener who has played a few big shows at the Radon before. Also Kris Rochelle of Red Sweater Lullaby and also Listener will be performing.

Looks like that’s the show – we are sure The Radon Lounge has some other things up their sleeves like coffee and arcade games and art and stuff (they usually do). Admission is $10 and tickets are sold in advance right here. 7pm. Check out a facebook event right here. Also check out our Springfield shows page where we only have this show listed right now.