Last Black Sheep Open Mic + Gift Exchange Tonight


Oh goodie! What a great show last night, we are now down to six shows left at Black Sheep including the open mic that is happening tonight. Tonight is the very last open mic we will be hosting in the space! If you want one last time to perform inside the original Black Sheep location now is your chance! Poetry, spoken word, magic acts, anything goes! (Just no full bands please). Here is what we have for a schedule right now:

10:15-10:30 – (open)
10:00-10:15 – (open)
9:45-10:00 – (open)
9:30-9:45 – Vontrez Trezo Hunter
9:15-9:30 – Nick Demarco
9:00-9:15 – Matthew Hileman
8:45-9:00 – (open)
8:30-8:45 – Pureheart
8:15-8:30 – Gerald Lee Torch Cole Jr.
8:00-8:15 – Walker Dial
7:45-8:00 – Vivax Darastrix
7:30-7:45 – Emasculate Regression
7:15-7:30 – (open)
7:00-7:15 – (open)

As you can see, there are plenty of open slots to be claimed. To claim them, post in the Black Sheep facebook event or just come out to the show!

We will be asking for $1-5 donations at this to go towards our big move. Check out the full list of shows we have left lined up at Black Sheep right here.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Park, Earth Witch, Bottom Bracket, Nectar, Kate Laine, Sadface Killer


TONIGHT – tonight is the night of one of the biggest final Black Sheep shows we have lined up, and the seventh last show at Black Sheep ever. We have a mega-stacked lineup tonight featuring some different genres. Have you listened to PARK? Popular emo band primarily active in Springfield from 1996-2007, then reunited in 2013 and have released a 10″ record and performed a handful of big shows since then. Park will be performing on the Black Sheep stage once again for this show, and we are happy to have them. We are also excited to welcome the return of Earth Witch – a band not as active in our area due to Nathan Landolt of Error Records / Hand of Death Records moving away to North Carolina a few years back. Stream Earth Witch’s newest album on the player below. Right in the middle of the lineup is Springfield emo band Bottom Bracket. More friends from Champaign are coming with the band Nectar. Before that is a performance by indie artist Kate Laine. And opening things up is Sadface Killer, emo from the Peoria area. Wow.

Those are a lot of bands. Because of all of those bands, this show will start at 6:30 pm on the dot. Tickets are $15 at the door if you didn’t get tickets in advance. Yes, you can still pay for entry at the door. Find a facebook event for this mega-gig right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a list of shows coming up at Black Sheep the rest of this year.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Graveswitcher, No Cash Value, MAC, Prowess


Woooo!!! We are down to EIGHT final shows happening at Black Sheep starting with this one tonight, and those eight shows are going to be spread out over the next two weeks. Tonight is going to be a wild and wacky punk show! We have Graveswitcher – the loud and crushing new hardcore band featuring members of many other local groups. We also have Prowess – this will be their last set inside Black Sheep so surely something goofy will happen, right? Also MAC – the punk rock group that released an EP earlier this fall. Last but not least is No Cash Value – back and better than ever with a brand new lineup.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is just $5. No reason not to come out and have a good time! Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what all is coming up at Black Sheep before we shut our doors at the end of the month and begin a big move.

All Of Your Questions About Our New Downtown Location Answered


With just about half of a month left of Black Sheep being open, and a remaining four days of Dumb Records being open at it’s current location, we feel we are finally ready to reveal information to you regarding our new space in 2019. A lot of you have been asking questions, so we feel it is appropriate to present all of the answers to your questions in this FAQ format.

A couple of days ago, Dumb Records posted all over social media pictures of a giant face taking up a storefront downtown, without any explanation as to what was going on.

Where did that face come from? Who is that?

It just came from googling “old man mask” in image search.

Where are you all moving to?

416 and 418 East Monroe Street. This includes the space where the face is filling the window and also the space next to it (both inside spaces pictured above). There is a doorway on the inside connecting both spaces. 

Will one side be the store and one side be for shows?

Yes. We actually would like to use both sides during the day as a record store, then have the bigger space (416 E Monroe) able to transform into a show space by clearing out all of record carts or tables.

Will you do shows as often as you do now?

Probably eventually. We would like to continue to see all kinds of events in the new space. But we are thinking we will start the first months of being open out small to test the waters, probably just one show a weekend tops.

Is it bigger or smaller?

Both spaces are slightly smaller than Black Sheep and Dumb Records now, but since they are connected and we plan on utilizing both of them for a store space during the day, we potentially have more to work with than before. Back rooms in the 416 space might also allow us to have a back area / green room for bands and performers or other possibilities.

When are you opening?

It’s much too early to say right now! We’re taking this one thing at a time and are focusing on moving out of our current location first. We do have a few ducks to get in a row with some slight adjustments to the space to be up to code with the zoning and fire departments. We will definitely not be announcing any type of opening date until we are completely squared away with all of that. There is also a good chance we will be opening up the store portion before hosting any events for a while.

Are you still keeping the names Black Sheep and Dumb Records?

For simplicity’s sake, we are just calling the new space Dumb Records.

So Black Sheep is done forever?

That’s not really how we see it, our system of running a record and show space side-by-side is still going to be the same and the same people are going to be involved setting up shows. The name and location are changing, yes.

Will the walls be covered in graffiti like Black Sheep?

No. Maybe some murals for now.

Will the owners still be the same?

It’s probably safe to say that no one’s involvement with the new space will be any less. And also as with Dumb Records and Black Sheep, there is also plenty of room for others to be involved with behind the scenes work.

What’s going to happen to Southtown Sound?

Unfortunately Southtown Sound ended soon after Kyle Noonan took a recording engineering job elsewhere in Southern Illinois earlier this year. He had been running Southtown Sound for over a full year. The equipment went to others that plan on continuing recording bands and projects in their own homes (the CFP house). There is no studio planned for our new space, but who knows – we are moving downtown where nearby spaces that are opening up could lead to other things happening!

What’s going to happen to where Black Sheep and Dumb Records are now?

George says he’s going to sell records out of the record store. He also put a giant FOR RENT sign in our window. As for Black Sheep, we have no idea.

What’s going to happen to Dumb Fest?

That’s a tough question right now! Right now our attention is focused on this move going smoothly and us finishing out Black Sheep the end of this year. This is usually the time of year when we are starting planning for Dumb Fest in June. Unfortunately we will not have a venue and skatepark for shows side by side and our setup in the new spot is not anywhere near ideal for a three-day punk festival. This might mean that we are taking a break from Dumb Fest for this year, maybe we’ll have a “mini-Dumb Fest”, maybe we won’t be able to hold any Dumb Fests at all. We do however think that getting our foot in the door downtown is going to lead to us discovering other potential spots for all ages shows to happen, so we are optimistic about another maybe SXSW style festival put on by Dumb Records in the future.

We are also limited to other bigger festival-type shows at the new location (even Black Sheep Fest). There is a good chance that we will do more ticket-presale shows that actually sell out or cap off after a certain number of tickets are sold.

What’s going to happen to The Black Sheep Radio Show?

It’s not going anywhere! Still keeping our regular slot from 4-6pm on 88.3 WQNA fm. You mean someone out there actually listens?!?

Can my band play at the new space?

Yes, but we aren’t ready yet! As we said earlier, we aren’t announcing any sort of start date until all of the logistics with our space are squared away. This means we are set on not putting anything on our calendar until then.

Can I set up a show at the new space?

Once we are able to open up, yes we do want to encourage anyone who wants to to set up shows. We will have some sort of system in place for booking that will hopefully be simple and make sense for everyone.

How can I help?

A lot of you have been reaching out about helping us move! Just check the Black Sheep facebook group for updates regarding us moving. We won’t be moving everything all in one night, likely spread out over the course of this next month. We will also likely need help building, painting, and getting the new space ready. You can also check the Black Sheep group for that, and we’ll try to put up posts on this site on what we need help with every so often.

Also it probably goes without being said, but right now we need support in terms of everyone coming out to our last shows at our current location! There are currently eight shows left. We will have a donation jar set up to take donations that will help us with moving expenses (there are a lot of costs involved with opening up a new space). If we are short on funding once all of our shows in the old space are done, we might look to more online crowd funding to cover expenses if needed. You can also make donations online by Paypal-ing us directly right here!

Last Day To Vote In Best of Springfield Music 2018 Poll


Our annual Best of Springfield Music poll for 2018 has been going for ten days now, and today is the last day you have to vote for your favorite Springfield releases, songs, and local shows that happened this past year! If you have not yet voted, you can still do that by clicking the link below:


Results will be posted at the very end of the year along with write-ups from some of your favorite local celebrities. We are also teaming up with Activator Magazine this year and the results of the Best of Springfield 2018 music poll will be featured story in the January 2019 issue of the magazine.

We will keep the polls open until midnight tonight. Again, you can check out our Springfield album archive page for a long list of most of these releases with links to listen to each one.

December 22nd at Black Sheep: Pryss, Living Thing (Final Shows), BIB, Devil’s Den, Power of Dusk, Blushe


Here’s another big big big show that we have not done up an official announcement post for! Wow! One of the last ever Black Sheep Show: on Saturday, December 22nd we have a mega lineup of a punk/hardcore show that you will not believe. First off, the bands Pryss and Livin’ Thing will BOTH be playing their FINAL shows ever. Both bands started at the very beginning of 2015 (right?), and now they are ending things along with the end of our venue. Then we have a band in hardcore music and one of the best in hardcore music: BIB. If you don’t believe us you can stream some BIB on the player below. We also have the return of Devil’s Den from Kansas City, Missouri who just played here last month. Also Power of Dusk from Champaign/Urbana. Opening things up is the first ever performance of a brand new Springfield band called Blushe.

Wow. This show starts at 7pm and admission is $7-10. Find a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to take a look at the nine shows we have left.

Lullafy: “Emo For Babies”


Surely this year wouldn’t be complete without Brandon Carnes (Looming, Southtown Studio, Diaper Rash, Big Storm, Midnight Fall, etc) releasing some new music in the form of a new project of some sort. Last year Brandon was responsible for releasing a demo for a new project called “Night Night Boy“, which ended up playing one show ever at Black Sheep. This past week Brandon was at it again with a brand new project called “Lullafy” – with a 4-song release being a description of the project: “Emo For Babies”. From what we hear, adults like this too! The release includes four cover renditions of songs by Looming, American Football, and Mock Orange. You can find it streaming on the player below. Head over to the Lullafy bandcamp page to download this at your own price.

You better believe that Lullafy is in the running in our Best of Springfield Music 2018 poll, which is still running for a few days now through the 13th. It’s also listed in our big Springfield Music archive.

December 21st at Black Sheep: NIL8, Stick People, Attic Salt, Starter Jackets, Statues of Something


Wow, can you believe it!? We have not actually made an official show announcement post for this mega-show happening on Friday, December 21st. This one is being called the “Hobgoblinspookakrumpus” and features long running Springfield punk band NIL8 performing for the last time inside our space. Wow! We also have Taylorville’s own Stick People on board playing for the first time in a while as well. Also a band we have not seen at Black Sheep in a minute – Attic Salt! Stream their music on the player below. Another band featuring members of Attic Salt we haven’t seen in a minute is playing: Starter Jackets. And yet another band that hasn’t played Black Sheep in a long time – Statues of The Dead is teaming up with ANOTHER one – Say Something for a big ol’ collaborative set to open things up. Wow!

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5-10, pay what you want. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to look at everything else coming up for this final month of Black Sheep.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Eric Marvel, Layers, Imaginary Colours, Glower, Neala + Art


Black Sheep is closing its doors at the end of the month and we wanted to be sure to squeeze one more art event in before it’s all over! (Or at least until we are moved into a downtown space next year). Fun! This one is happening tonight! Starting at 6:00pm. Come out and bring painting close if you want to add to a giant canvas that everyone is going to paint on. There will also be musical acts. This includes Eric Marvel, whose music you can find streaming below. This also includes Imaginary Colours – electronic act that has three releases in the running for our Best of Springfield Music 2018 Poll. Layers will be performing as well – the local two-piece spoken word and guitar act. Glower will be performing as well, the only full band on the bill. Opening up it looks like we have “Neala” the solo project of Kristin Walker.

This event starts a little bit earlier at 6:00pm. Bring $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to take a look at everything lined up from now until we are gone at the end of this month.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Summoning The Lich, Eyes From Above, Dr. Dick Ramirez, Primitive Deception, Nethersphere


Wow, thanks to all who came out last night! Now that things are ending at our home of 13+ years this is surely an emotional but also exciting time. Tonight is the LAST metal show to ever take place inside Black Sheep, and our eighth last show ever. It features touring act Summoning The Lich from St. Louis, which you can find streaming on the player below. It also features local act Eyes From Above who just released a new EP! Very cool. We’ll also have a visit from “Dr. Dick Ramirez” which happens to be another metal band from Quincy, Illinois.  If that’s not enough metal for ya, we have Primitive Deception up before them from Decatur, Illinois. And opening things up is Nethersphere from Jacksonville!

This show will start promptly at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for this show right here. Also check out our shows page for a look at everything left happening at Black Sheep in our current location.