Eggman: “Cube Zero”


This past weekend at the annual Black Sheep Band Lotto a complete shock to us all was the release of a limited run of 25 lathe cut records from band #3, going by the name “EGGMAN”. Tonight we are bringing you the recordings of EGGMAN from that lathe cut record, so even all of you who weren’t lucky enough to pick up this rare piece of Springfield music history can still be fortunate enough to get to listen to the Eggman’s recordings. Stream EGGMAN’S release “Cube Zero” on the player below. There are two tracks for each side of the late cut, but five songs are there total. Also head over to Eggman’s bandcamp page to download the release at your own price.

Eggman does not have any more shows lined up. Will Springfield ever see another Eggman performance? This release does in fact count towards our 2018 list of Springfield releases in our ultimate Springfield album archive.

November 30th at Black Sheep: No Cash Value, Telephone Junkies, Loverboard The Heptanes, Flunkie


Shows, shows, shows! And more shows! Shows, shows! Here is the last show announcement we have for you for a show happening in November – on the last day on Friday, November 30th. It’s mostly an all local lineup of five groups. We have the return of No Cash Value, the Jacksonville punk group that have taken a break for a minute it looks like. We also have The Telephone Junkies, the perfect indie/alternative soundtrack band to your fall in Springfield. We have “Loverboard” a band from… the Peoria area? Is this true? Also a rare performance by Springfield duo The Heptanes! And opening things up is a solo project called Flunkie.

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here.