MAC: “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs”


Today we are bringing you a stream of the hot new four-track EP from Springfield punk rock group “MAC“. The EP is called No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs. Why is their EP called that? Here is a description from the band’s facebook:

These were signs that hung on businesses windows in London the the 60s, 70s and the early 80s. Anti Irish discrimination was always part of the Irish/British history, it dates back to over 800 years ago. From the ’60s all the way through to the ’90s was a period in Irish history known as “The Troubles”. During this time it became increasingly hard for Irish people to live in the UK. The British government pushed their anti Irish scare because of the actions of the IRA and Irish were branded as drunks and terrorists. Being Irish myself, I have felt this discrimination in England. As a small child, I was beaten in my own backgarden by a random person, for no other reason only because I was Irish. Til this day there is still many who hold this view. I dont think I’ve been to the UK a single time without being called a Paddy Bastard.
As you can see on these posters it wasn’t any different for anyone else, be it black or brown. 

Stream the full EP on the player below, also head on over to MAC’s bandcamp page to purchase the download. MAC do not have any shows currently lined up that we know of – they did just play the Black Sheep Halloween show this past week.

We are currently building up everything that has been released in Springfield on our Springfield Album Archive Page!

Comedy Show at Black Sheep on Tuesday, November 6th: Ryan Shores, Dan Bublitz, Larry Smith


Have you ever asked why we don’t have more comedy shows at Black Sheep? Do you find yourself wishing there were more comedy shows in your life? Well, you’re in luck – this upcoming Tuesday, November 6th we have a comedy show lined up. Most of the comedy shows we have attempted in the past have been mixed with musical acts, this one is purely laughs. We have two touring comedians coming for this one – Ryan Shores and Dan Bublitz. We have one local comedian opener and that is Larry Smith. We don’t have any music streaming on the player below for this one, because these guys are all comedians! You can read a nice background description on each one on our facebook event!

This show is starting at 7:30 pm and admission is $5. We will get the chairs out. Again, a facebook event is right here. Also check out our shows page for a good look at what is coming up at Black Sheep the rest of this year.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Livin’ Thing, Knife Rider, Thwompsax, Evan Mitchell


Continuing this crazy streak of shows with this punk show happening tonight! It’s an all around good show with two great out of town acts. At the top of the bill is Lexington Kentucky’s very own Knife Rider. We have yet another set by Springfield rock and roll band Livin’ Thing. The other touring act on the bill is a solo project called “Thwompsax” from all the way in California put together by a member of former Dumb Fest bands Pookie & The Poodlez and Nobunny. Stream that Thwompsax EP on the player below. Opening things up is Evan Mitchell– the one man band, who is celebrating ten full years of performing as a one man band.

This show starts at 7:00 pm and costs $7. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else we’ve got coming up at Black Sheep.