Tomorrow at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s: Healing Arts Festival


Tomorrow… at none other than Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s we are all fortunate enough to have the opportunity to heal. That’s right, and we get to come out and enjoy classic acts that we all know and love… like Elvis, and Nighthawk, and The Beatles. All on the Hardee’s stage. There’s quite a wide range of acts going all day starting with Bob Bartel’s Beatles Yellow Submarine before 11:00 am, and then Purple Startdust (Queen/Prince tribute) at 10:00 pm. You can check out the poster above for a full list of acts and set times.

All of this is going on all day at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s tomorrow (2501 Stevenson Drive), and the event is free. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. We also have Bruce Williams coming in to talk to us about this event on The Black Sheep Radio Show today from 4-6pm!

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