Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children: “Right Answers To The Wrong Questions”


Today we are bringing you a couple of songs off of a release by a new Springfield fast punk band called “Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children”. You can stream the songs “Own Boss” and “Scum” from the band’s tape- Right Answers To The Wrong Questions on the player below. The new project features members of Gutterpriest and GUSH. This is only a portion of the tape – you can hear the full thing by picking up a physical copy of the tape at Dumb Records.

Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children do have one show lined up at Black Sheep on Saturday, October 27th. We have not officially announced the show yet though! Be on the lookout for that very soon!

October 2018 Issue Of Activator Magazine Available At Dumb Records

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.16.11 AM.png

If you can believe it, the month of October is only one day away (October 1st is tomorrow). And with a new month, that means we now have a new issue of free Springfield music magazine Activator rolling in. If you can also believe it, this is the publication’s fifth issue to come out. This one features solo artist Kate Laine on the cover (also pictured holding the magazine inside Dumb Records). The issue includes more interviews with Zach Elston, Twenty One Seven Studios, and hip hop artist Jay Ginerawll. It also includes album reviews, show calendars, a comic by Mike Tirehaus, even a poem by Drew Kodrich, and more.

Pick up a copy of Activator for free inside Dumb Records at any time the store is open (noon-8:00 pm every day). You can get ahold of the magazine through email at activatormagazine@gmail.com for more inquiries.

Dumb Records Open Mic Night on October 13th


When’s the next Open Mic Night that we are setting up? It’s going to be in just under two weeks – on Saturday, October 13th at Dumb Records. It’s been a minute since we’ve had an open mic inside the store! This one is the usual drill – there are 15 minute slots; to claim them you can either post in the facebook event, email us at blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com, or if you show up to the show early to claim a slot we will be sure to have a few slots on hold for anyone to claim in person. Right now all of the slots from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm are open!

The open mic starts at 7:00 pm at Dumb Records (1107 South Grand Ave. East). Check out the facebook event right here. Everything inside Dumb Records will also be 25% off, (which is a sale we do for every show now). Check out what else is coming up at Black Sheep on our shows page right here.


Tonight at Black Sheep: Brandon Austin Presents: 217 Showcase



That fall weather is out and today and tonight in Springfield, as you may know, there is a lot going on. We had Bruce Williams on our radio program yesterday to talk about The Healing Arts Festival going on at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. There is also a pretty huge show going on over at The Radon Lounge featuring touring artists Ratboys and Knotts, and it is the house venue’s return for this show season. There’s a show going on at Bar None, and even a show at a new Cafe in Edinburg, Illinois!

But we are here to tell you about what we’ve got going on at The Black Sheep tonight (roughly from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm) – It’s a 217 Showcase show featuring plenty of hip hop and R&B from the area! The lineup tonight is as follows:

Brandon Austin Entertainment
Shawn Push Freligh
Vinal Luciano
Meezy Killafield
Alex Whitehurst (YT)

Special guests:
Bethany Bantner
Kate Reynolds

Pretty cool! You can stream some music from Ptych on the player below. Admission tonight is $10, and things start at 7:00 pm. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep in the coming months.


Tomorrow at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s: Healing Arts Festival


Tomorrow… at none other than Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s we are all fortunate enough to have the opportunity to heal. That’s right, and we get to come out and enjoy classic acts that we all know and love… like Elvis, and Nighthawk, and The Beatles. All on the Hardee’s stage. There’s quite a wide range of acts going all day starting with Bob Bartel’s Beatles Yellow Submarine before 11:00 am, and then Purple Startdust (Queen/Prince tribute) at 10:00 pm. You can check out the poster above for a full list of acts and set times.

All of this is going on all day at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s tomorrow (2501 Stevenson Drive), and the event is free. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. We also have Bruce Williams coming in to talk to us about this event on The Black Sheep Radio Show today from 4-6pm!

Today on Black Sheep Radio: Bruce Williams (NIL8 + More)


It’s been a minute since we’ve had a guest on The Black Sheep Radio show and have told you about it in advance! Today we have a special guest that we are excited to be hanging out in the studio with. It’s Bruce Williams, legendary bass player of the band NIL8! Bruce has played in countless number of bands in recent years as well, including Epsom, Black Queen, and many more. Bruce has a part in a Healing Arts Festival going on tomorrow at none other but Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s (wow there is a lot going on in town tomorrow)! Check out an event and more info for that one right here. We’ll be talking to Bruce about the festival, and other Springfield music stuff! We’ll also be playing plenty of music from local groups and bands coming to town!

The Black Sheep Radio Show airs today and every Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on 88.3 WQNA fm. Check it out online at the same time at wqna.net.

Tonight at Black Sheep: Spell Breaker, Graveswitcher, Mike Butler


It’s the weekend! There are a bunch of things going on in town tomorrow night, and we have this show going on here tonight that is likely going to be a very short one. For the 21 and up crowd, there is this show going on at Bar None that will likely start not far off from the time our show gets over with. Believe it or not we hear that it is supposed to be the band Spell Breaker‘s last show or something like that (pictured above). Also on this show is Graveswitcher (is it their tape release or something? we don’t know). Opening things up is a solo set by Mike Butler, and that’s it! Stream Spell Breaker’s music on the player below.

This show will start at 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm and probably literally be over in an hour. Admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep this fall.